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  • Healed gut?

    I think this belongs in here:

    Roughly eight months before going paleo i noticed that my body was slowly developing a strong disliking of spicy food. I got so bad (even on paleo) that i simply could not eat spicy without getting painful stomach cramps, not to mention spending many wasted hours in the bathroom (sorry that was gross). I did not go paleo because of this at all, it was just a bonus that i never expected paleo to even fix. Well recently i ate some small amounts of spicy food and i noticed nothing bad happened. As of now i am almost back to normal, i can't tank spicy food like i use to (CAUSE I WAS A BEAST), but i am happy that i can eat those delicious wings my mom makes.

    Now for the science (skip if you don't want to be bored to death):
    Did i say science? Lol, my grasp on science is that of a 3rd grader (but i like to pretend i have the knowledge of a fifth grader...btw i'm 23, lol). ANYWAY, the reason for this, i would like to think, was that my previous CW diet was, like all CW diets, based around plenty of "healthy" grains. It came to attention, because of my spicy food stint, that i probably took some significant damage to my gut because of the gluten and lectin which is a known culprit for many gut issues. I figured now that my body has had plenty of time to heal on a good (not perfect) diet and my body will now accept spicy food. Seriously it gives me no more trouble. I still think i should probably not go crazy eating spicy food as it still might cause me some slight damage, but damnit i love it too much and i dont have it often. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Anyone have any similar experiences? Is there any validity into my wacky theories? Perhaps the nightshades in the peppers where the cause and not grain at all? Maybe grain just made it worst, but now that i'm healthy i can tolerate spicy foods (nightshades?) but they still do harm?

    Btw sorry for the long text, and thanks to anybody who actually took the time to read this (not being sarcastic, i'm serious, in all honesty i would have seen too many words and would have gotten scared away by too many words.)

    Also, i meant to put this in nutrition, but i can't figure out how to move it into that category, whoops.
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    The capsaicin in spicy peppers is supposed to have lots of wonderful health benefits too, everything from improved immune function, mood regulation, digestion. and cardiovascular health.

    Now I don't know how much of that is really true, and how much is based on bad CW studies, or maybe it's all accurate. I know I love spicy food and tolerate it well, so I'm going to keep eating. I'm glad you get to keep eating a food you enjoy too.