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  • My Primal YAWP!

    Primal Start Date: 2/5/11
    Height: 6'-9" (…not a typo)
    Weight: 425lbs (…I wish it was a typo)
    Single full-time dad, starting my 50th year with a Primal YAWP!

    For me, starting the primal lifestyle was due to a badly sprained ankle and a lost cat….let me explain. As far as the ankle injury, I was walking to the mailbox, and stepped off the curb wrong and the ankle went one way and my body went the other >CRUNCH!!<. After laying in the grass for a minute, waiting for the white-hot lightning bolt of pain to subside, I slowly realized I was going to have to try and get my bulk up and into the house on one good leg…not an easy task given my weight and size. I did eventually manage to crawl inside without the neighbors wondering what was going on and lay in bed for a few days. Shortly thereafter, my son's indoor-only cat disappeared. Now I was faced with painfully hobbling my ankle and fat butt around the neighborhood each day looking for this lost pet….Something had to give and that something had to be my weight.

    A bit of background. In high school, I bicycled 16-20 miles a day (private high school, no buses) and during the summers I worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the Youth Conservation Corps cutting trails, firebreaks, restocking fish in mountain streams throughout the Los Padres National Forest…an enormously physical but cool summer job for a teenager. I was definitely in the best shape of my life and having the time of my life outdoors.

    Fast forward 15 years. It's 1995, I was 75% of my way through college, getting a Bachelors in Engineering, working in IT to put myself through school, commuting 3 hours a day and I had a three year old son…I was living a pretty stressful but sedentary life. My 11 year marriage had fallen apart and I'm now a single full-time Dad with no family help nearby…and still trying to go to finish college and work full time to support my son and I and our home…and my growing belly. I graduated and get my degree, continue in the sedentary IT business. Another 15 years screams by, my son is 18 and going to college and now I find myself laying on the grass with a sprained ankle wondering how I went from being super fit to a 425 pound whale flopping around my front lawn unable to get up on my own. Ultimately, for whatever reason, and I'm still not sure how it happened, I happened across Mark's MDA website and started reading….and reading….and reading. Intrigued, I bought and read the Primal ebook and Taubes book as well.

    It. Just. Made. Sense.

    February 5, I dove in wholeheartedly and cold turkey (with the skin…) into the Primal lifestyle. I stopped eating all grains (oh how I loved bread and rice), no more fruit juice (I would pound down the orange or guava juice), no more sugar and sodas (major soda addiction)…all of the non-Primal foodstuffs gone. No more runs to the fast-food places for dinner, no more pizza (holy #$%…where did all this extra spending money come from?)…just as much home-cooking as possible (I'm a pretty good cook). Eggs, bacon, ham, beef, spinach, avocado, cabbage, leafy veggies and all kinds of meat and seafood, are my friends and go-to foods. I'm now exercising and I set a goal for myself that I would walk 5 miles before my birthday. Previous attempts at walking would always end up with sore hips, knees, ankles and discouragement, I assumed because of my bulk. Eating primal, the soreness I experienced before has not happened…and as a result my walks have steadily increased in length. Last Sunday I achieved my goal by walking 5.2 miles, followed by Monday, 2.2 miles at lunch, and Tuesday, 4 miles in the evening while the chicken baked…it just is amazing my exercise progress, the lack of pain and increase in energy. Yesterday I walked 6.25 miles in 2 hours, wearing my 200lb fat vest :P …but shattering my mileage goal before my birthday. I also bought a 32lb kettlebell 2 weeks ago and am tossing that around as well.

    Results? 30 days into Primal just happens to fall on my 50th birthday, didn't plan that, it just happened. I started at 425lbs and today, my birthday present to myself…397lbs. Yes! I realize this weight loss will not keep at this rate and most of it might be water weight…but it is nice to see regardless.

    What I've learned in my short 30 days. It's really easy to get tripped up unexpectedly. Go to a restaurant with friends and order BBQ tri-tip and veggies, thinking that would be safe only to find they slopped on BBQ sauce that is sweet, sweet, sweet….scrape it off and make do. I was definitely the Websters Dictionary definition of the carboaholic, but I experienced none of the "carb-flu" symptoms mentioned on this website. I also noticed that my caloric intake for the first 15 days or so was averaging around 2,000 calories (watching the fat/protein/carb ratios) and the weight fell off steadily. Then for a week I was busy at work and had only managed to average 1,400 calories per day…zero weight loss that week. I up my calorie intake back to around 2,000 and the pounds fall off…interesting. My friends say they have seen the weight loss but I haven't,

    I really don't know what my goal weight should be…maybe somewhere around 230? That's almost 200lbs to lose, but I'm already 12% of the way there In the end, it has been a successful start to a new lifestyle. When people ask me about my "diet" I respond that its a lifestyle choice, much like vegetarianism and its showing positive results. Oh, and the ankle has almost healed, but the cat was never found.

    Todays date: 3/7/11
    Weight: 397lbs - 28lbs in 30 days
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    You are doing great. Congratulations.


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      Inspiring. Best of luck on your continued new life.
      Striving to live a life extraordinary.


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        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Loved your story. Hello and welcome! You're definitely in the right place. (And Happy Birthday!)
          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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            Outstanding! We have another 'Unconquerable Dave' in the making, and a good writer too. Looking forward to future posts and updates.

            I'm sorry your kitty is still MIA, but it doesn't mean he/she's perished. Very often some kindhearted person will 'rescue' and not put up flyers or such - kitty is fine, but pevious owners are heartbroken.
            Let's hope that's the case.


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              Awesomeness! - congratulations on putting yourself in the driver's seat and flooring it! I think at 230 lbs you'll look fantastic. And there's no reason for you not to get there. I am 51 and my goal here is to be in the best shape of my life by summer. On my way. Welcome aboard.
              Positively Radical — Pigeonholes are for Pigeons!


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                Good story! Congratulations on the weight loss. I hope you are taking pictures, because if all goes well, you could be an outstanding candidate for Primal Poster Man of 2011 (or maybe 2012, depending on how it goes, and whether the world ends as scheduled).


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                  Love it! First thing I thought of was Dave:

                  The Unconquerable Dave | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple


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                    Awesome story! Congratulations on your weight loss and here's to your continued success :0


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                      60 Day Update…
                      Weight: 375
                      50lbs lost

                      Well it's sixty days into my new lifestyle and things are going very well indeed. My diet has consisted of various edible animals, veggies, veggies, veggies and an occasional fruit…along with a cupful of Fage Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey once a week as a treat. I kicked the soda and fruit juice habits, and just drink water and tea and black coffee. I don't think I've cheated on the program once so far. I started a walking program in earnest and was averaging 30 miles a week and then the rains came to California (who ever said it never rains in California?…sheesh)…and then a nasty episode of gout sprang up in my foot and I was barely hobbling around for a couple weeks. The gout is mostly gone now so I can start walking again. By the way…is anyone missing some leg muscles, 'cause I think I found some The 32lb kettlebell I purchased, I was embarrassed how little I could move it around when I first got it, but now I'm teaching it a lesson rather than the other way around.

                      What doesn't fit anymore:
                      My watch, pants, shirts, boxers, jackets,
                      My belt I have used up the three existing holes and added four more and have used those up to

                      Good stuff:
                      I can put on my socks without struggling!!! My knees and ankles are not screaming at me anymore when I walk or climb stairs. There's a Bob Seger song "Like a rock"…the lyrics read "My eyes were clear and bright…My walk had purpose…My steps were quick and light"…I feel like that again when I walk My blood pressure/pulse has gone from 142/90 and 68bpm to 123/80 and 58bpm. I used to clean off my plate, my son's plate, and still find more to eat… I eat until I'm satisfied and put up the rest for leftovers or lunch. I'm down to a small salad for lunch and eating a normal size dinner and feeling totally satisfied. I have increased the frequency of my intermittent fasting and have not suffered…if anything I feel great. I have not eaten any bread, cereal, rice, oatmeal, etc. in 2 months and I feel wonderful.

                      Hard stuff
                      Going out for dinner can be hard to find non-carby foods. Plateaus in weight loss are frustrating and I know they will come more often as the weight continues to fall. I went a week and a half with no weight loss and then woke up one morning and 5lbs were gone. As big and tall as I am I can put on/store a lot of water weight…so I believe the water weight swings my weight loss up and down dramatically. I have a lot more weight to go…but I think this is good progress.

                      In conclusion…

                      There was an old man from out West
                      who had a big belly and chest
                      When he looked down
                      He had a big frown
                      'Cause he saw nothing but fat and man-breast

                      Then one day he got a big hint
                      By reading "The Primal Blueprint"
                      He changed his diet, he started walking
                      Meat and veggies he was now stalking
                      And eating carbs? No he didn't

                      The weight began to fall, he felt snappy
                      His son said "you're looking great Pappy"
                      Then one day while showering
                      He was scrubbing and scouring
                      He looked down and cried "why hello Mr. Happy!"
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                        Fantastic update! Rock on - or should I say Grock on!

                        Funny about the watchband, I was delighted but not surprised when my clothing started to get really loose, but the watchband thing did surprise me. Who knew my wrists were overweight too?


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                          That's great! Keep on going! BTW I love walking in the rain, if it's not too cold and no thunder n lightning. Like your poem - can't wait for any forthcoming pics.


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                            Congratulations on the first part of your journey! Hope to read a lot more from you
                            Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                              Ok, I almost cried reading this! Great job tall!! Keep us posted and looking forward to more from you!