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Getting my sexy back!

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  • Getting my sexy back!

    This is my #1 goal, sure weight/body comp are a huge part of that, but even more is my attitude.

    And I feel like that is getting there!!

    Back in my 20s, I was a "cute" girl..not a super hot model chick, but that cute girl next door type, so I got some attention. I was petite, 120ish pounds.

    Fast foward, married and loving it, 2 kids, but you know, we get complacent, 2 pregnancies in 2.5 years added another 25 pounds, too tired to wear makeup, clothes are old and ugly. etc. and my overall mood was just down on myself.

    Now, I am down 9 pounds, down 1-2 sizes in about 8 weeks. But now I feel there is just a spring in my step, my sexy is back, getting stronger every day. Bought a couple new cute outfits, putting on my makeup at work, fixing my hair, and fielding lots of "you are losing weight!" comments.

    Maybe it's shallow, but man, it sure feels good.

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    Best part of being primal is feeling sexy again! Good for you!
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      Yeah it does! Someone told me I looked like a teenager recently. Made this 39 year old mom of two giddy.
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        MY sister recently sent pictures of my husband and I on a visit...she got several comments on how I'm looking younger. Yay!


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          If there's one thing primal is good for it's making people look sexier. Looking forward to getting my sexy on soon too
          Originally posted by runnergal
          You just didn't define Healthy Whole Grains properly. Many steak recipes refer to cutting "against the grain" when slicing. Therefore beef has grains. If you eat everything on your plate, you have eaten the whole thing. Eating an entire steak is eating healthy whole grains.


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            me too!


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              Yay! Great news L. =)


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                Originally posted by FireWoman View Post
                Yeah it does! Someone told me I looked like a teenager recently. Made this 39 year old mom of two giddy.

                That is as long as they meant a teenage girl,,right??? :-) Just joking with you.


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                  That's awesome! Amazing how losing some weight and putting on a new outfit raises confidence and amazing how confidence makes you feel and look sexy!


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                    it's a great compounding cycle too.... the more "sexy", the harder you work, the more sexy, etc.


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                      I, too, am in the early stages of bringing sexy back! I just got a beautiful new bra and am going to burn this raggedy ol' thing I've been getting by on. Tomorrow I am getting some skin issues lasered off my face and, the day after that, I am actually going to a nice salon to get my hair cut and colored. And I shaved my legs! I am about to fall over.

                      Congrats to all. I'm so happy for all of us.
                      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                        congratulations! i agree that once you start feeling sexier, you keep on keeping on because it feels great! i love fielding those,"hey are you losing weight?" questions along with, "you look good, are those new jeans?" way to go!!!