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From complete debilitation to hiking again, in around a month...

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  • From complete debilitation to hiking again, in around a month...

    And I've gained SOO much more energy! Which is the most miraculous for me (the change in body composition is just a bonus for me, actually), as I have a few energy sapping health issues going on, a defective autonomic nervous system and a collagen defect, which causes loose tendons and ligaments, and my muscles have to work extra hard to keep my joints in place. As you can imagine, the collagen defect (or the joint dislocations that goes along with it) can be EXTREMELY painful, so much so that I've wished for death a few times. Since going PB, I don't have as much inflammation, and the muscles that I've been gaining has been helpful in reducing dislocations from 50-70 times a day (sometimes just by walking I would dislocate ankles and knees, or opening a door would get my wrist and elbow) to around 20-30. Still a lot, but I'm happy take what I can get.

    In fact, I was able to hike 2 miles, over rough terrain and a lot of elevation in around an hour yesterday. I tried hiking that trail this past fall and made it perhaps .25 miles before having to turn around, as I couldn't take it. There were a few freshly fallen trees over the trail, and I was able to climb over them with ease, and I was able to balance on them (something else that was lacking severely before). As an aside, the whole hike was done barefoot.

    I'm planning a 10 mile hike, with around a mile elevation, this May, and I'm seriously thinking about signing up for the nearest Warrior Dash that's coming to my area this September.

    To think, I had completely given up ever doing anything physically active again before going primal. I certainly had given up hiking, because before PB, I was SO not fit to do anything like that.

    As an additional bonus, I've lost 8 pounds and at least one dress size.

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      My weak attempt at a journal:



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        WOW! Thats probably the most inspiring story ive heard in a long while! Great job,,keep it going!


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          Thank you! I made a hike yesterday and it was over 900 ft elevation in around a mile for a section. Sore doesn't quite cover how I feel, but neither does glowing! This time a few months ago, I couldn't really get out of bed without great effort.