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  • It's working, I guess!

    I have been 60-70% (at best!) Primal for the last few weeks. The carbs I eat are beans and rice. They are mainstays in our meals and I can't afford not to use them!! I have stopped making bread (real bread, from freshly ground grains!), biscuits, muffins, etc. and am having eggs and/or kombucha for most breakfasts. The children are still eating oatmeal, cream of wheat and granola a few times a week.

    I was at our local food co-op drop today and was complimented by two different people on how I looked. I haven't dropped even a pound, but both thought I had lost at least five pounds since I saw them last month. I was able to talk to them about Primal and send them to The Daily Apple.

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    If you can wean your kids off of the wheat/gluten grains, that will really help their digestive health/immune system.
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      and cut down on the grocery bill


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        fantastic!!! my kids still like the grains. . . although they have been eating less since i am the one making the meals.