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    It's great telling people that you lost weight/leaned out by eating meat and vegies, butter, eggs and cooking them in lard!

    I am asian and everyone knows the diet of an asian person consists of rice and noodles and MSG-laden sauces (eww...). I've never really liked rice, it's so bland and boring. Love noodles and my weakness is bubble tea (which I still indulge in once a week).

    Anyway, my partner and I cut out rice/noodles, pasta, sugar and pretty much most processed foods.
    And now that I have a Vitamix, I make my own almond milk, so I drink pretty much hardly any dairy milk (only at work in my tea sometimes) and the occasional full cream milk latte no sugar. But I love cheese.

    I've never been overweight... I was fluctuating around 57-58 kgs on a 5 ft 4" frame. But after going low carb and then primal for 8 months (and going to body pump at least twice a week), I'm down to 53 kgs!
    My partner is starting to look more muscly I don't need to lose anymore weight (I'm a size 8 Aussie, so that's a US 4, I think)... Just want to look like Jessica Biel in Blade Trinity. Muscle definition baby!

    Sometimes, once a month, we may go out and have Vietnamese pho (noodles!) - but that's okay.
    If I go to my mum's house to eat, I eat the meat and vegies, but skip the rice. Otherwise, life is great!
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    Congratulations. I don't think bubble tea once a week is going kill you. Concider it your 20%. I never got into the bubble tea, but I did like the cafe sua da, but that's a bit too much sugar for me now.
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      and my weakness is bubble tea (which I still indulge in once a week
      I have been missing bubble tea! My problem is I like a mango smoothie with bubbles and that is carb overload. I'm brewing my first batch of Kombucha this week and my first quart is mango flavored. I'd love to figure out a low carb substitute for the tapioca pearls, maybe something with gelatin along the lines of jello jigglers? I could flavor it with real mango and get the flavor with less carbs.

      Then again check out this thread on bobba tea. They suggest using chia seeds instead of bobba. I just got a free sample thus week, was clueless what to us it in.

      Here is a recipe for Chia Bubble Tea

      And here are some other alternatves:
      Alternatives to tapioca balls in general are egg pudding, pieces of aloe, coconut jelly or konjac jelly. The jelly is served in small cubes or rectangular strips, and has a pliant, chewy consistency. They may be ordered 'half and half,' in a drink with half pearls and half jelly. There are also other jellies such as lychee jelly, coffee jelly, and rainbow jelly, a fruit mixture sometimes known as composite jelly
      Konjack is what shirataki noodles are made of, I 'm going to google the coconut jelly.
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        Konjack is what shirataki noodles are made of, I 'm going to google the coconut jelly.
        I ran into a dead end on coconut jelly, making it is quite involved and my local oriental superstore only stocked jars of it in syrup. I did find konjack "yam cake" in the refrigerated section. It is a block about the size of a block of cream cheese. I diced it about 1/4", rinsed the cubes well, and had me some iced Bobba coffee with coconut milk. It was yummy and the texture was every bit as satisfying as tapioca oearls. And it has 0 calories, 0 net carbs and 0 protein.

        Later in the day I diced it bigger and had a dessert of kojack cubes with coconut milk and a sliced strawberry. Delish.


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          High fives on the BodyPump (I teach it!).