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  • Results after 1 month!

    February 5th was my 1 month "Primal anniversary," as I call it.

    I'm 6 feet tall; started out at 200 pounds, though I may not seem overweight, I have a skinny frame, and thus, a nice big gut and limited muscle mass.

    After one month of being (mostly) Primal, I've lost 8 pounds, my pants are getting looser, and my belt needs an extra hole added to it!

    Mind you, I haven't been uber-strict, either. I'd say my overall compliance was probably between 70% and 80%. I've found that I either have a "good" day -- where I'm almost 100% compliant -- or a "bad" day -- where I'm closer to 25-50% compliant. But, I suppose it averages out in the end.

    Regardless, I'm very impressed thus far, and am even more motivated to do a better job of sticking to the core principles.

    Can't wait to keep walkin' down this road!

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    Congrats. And this either good day or bad day sound really familiar to me. It's the same for me. Either I'm all in or fall off the wagon heavily but get back on the next day.
    To another month of Paleo/Primal living and all the health benefits.


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      add me to the list of having good days and bad days. Just coming off of a horrible 3 day stretch, but overall i'm still down about 12 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm focused on being stricter for at least the next few months... have to stop with the diet soda and high-sodium pork skins and beef jerky!
      Get Motivated:


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        Congrats. I too started the PB early in January. I too am 6 feet tall. I too lost 12 pound in six weeks. I however started at 220lbs, still 208 isn't a bad start and I feel so much better!
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