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Steve's Three Month Update

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  • Steve's Three Month Update

    Most of my adult life I have fluctuated between 200-210 pounds (I'm 5'9"). Since I was a teenager I have had high blood pressure - not high enough for medication, but high enough the doctors always threatened me. I've also always had high cholesterol. Other than that I have been pretty healthy.

    However, about five years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor recommended a double mastectomy but we thought that was too extreme. Instead of surgery we decided to treat the cancer through a dietary change. We started eating a raw food diet. Also, we started doing more cardio (Urban Rebounding). We did this very faithfully for one year. Immediately we started becoming healthier. I lost 30 pounds or so in a few months and hit my lowest weight since college. My wife went from a size 12-14 to a 4. She also was able to dramatically cut her insulin (she's a type 1 diabetic). But the lifestyle was difficult. Juicing was very time consuming. And, once I started traveling more work it was virtually impossible for me to eat a raw food diet and enjoy life.

    So, we drifted back to the typical American diet. But we did try to stay vegetarian. I would copious amounts of bread though, especially when eating out. Every now and then I would go on binges of diet soda where I would drink 5 a day for a few months before cutting them out. Also, on those binges I would start eating 3 or 4 baconators a week from Wednesdays.

    So, five years later and my wife was still battling cancer. It had moved from her breast to her lung and then to her brain. (It's a whole long, amazing story but she has never been sick in the five years - even with massive amounts of chemo and lots of radiation. And the smile never leaves her face. She's also never lacked for energy - even while providing day care for two kids and receiving chemo every week for a year.) During this last year I started hearing about the Primal Blueprint at

    After 6 months or so of reading about it I decided to buy the book. I read the book in just a couple of days while we were visiting the Cancer Treatment Center of America for the first time this fall. It immediately made sense to me given my wife's battle with cancer and diabetes. Also, our son (he's 10) was a total carb addict. So, some of the stuff I was reading helped explain the issues my son was dealing with too.

    So, before starting the PB here is what I looked like. The first photo was me in the winter of 2009 and my son's pinewood derby race.


    The second photo is me this October. In both photos I weighed somewhere between 195-205 pounds and was a size 38 inch waist.


    Since November 1st I have completely stopped eating bread, pasta, potatoes, and all other processed carbs. I no longer drink diet soda or iced tea with Splenda or other sweeteners. Basically I only drink water now. I typically eat eggs and bacon every morning - usually with some berries or grapefruit. At lunch I typically eat leftovers or I go to lunch with my cousins (work in a family business) but I still eat primal. For dinner I eat seafood, beef, chicken, lamb with some sort of sauce (homemade) and any kind of vegetable. I have pretty much stopped snacking altogether. If I do have a snack it might be a clementine. I use to eat all kinds of sweets but now plain fruit is plenty to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    Also, I do the PB essential movements twice a week. Typically I walk 3-4 hours a week and do Tabata sprints once a week. However, I haven't done those for a couple of weeks because I broke my toe recently.

    So, since November 1st I have lost about 14 pounds - down to 181. I have gone from a 38 inch waist to a very comfortable 34 inches. Also, I am starting to see some real definition in my arms and muscles. I have made good progress in the PB essential movements as well. I feel much better about myself and am starting to dress better. I have more energy. I don't get tired after lunch. I tested my blood pressure one day and it was 114/67 - first time ever that it was normal.

    My wife has probably lost 10-15 pounds. She's lost a couple of sizes too. She has done it just through eating better (although she cheats more than I do). Also, our son rarely eats carbs now. He only does if he is out with friends or something. He's gone from being very picky and having a separate dinner fixed for him to eating what I fix (usually I leave his vegetables raw and don't put any sauce on his meat). He has leaned out a little bit as well.

    Below are three pictures I took of myself tonight. I think I look a little puffy compared to a few days. This weekend I joined a business fraternity that every man in family but one for four generations has been a member of. It was a really big deal and drank too much alcohol the last night (the first having any since I started the PB).

    Steve 3 Months-1..jpg
    Steve 3 Months-3..jpg
    Steve 3 Months-4..jpg

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    Oops. Sorry about the photos being rotated.


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      I came across this site and lifestyle from lewrockwell as well
      Starting Date: Dec 18, 2010
      Starting Weight: 294 pounds
      Current Weight: 235 pounds
      Goal Weight: 195 pounds


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        Nice progress! I see what you mean about muscle definition - I can definitely see your tri's and delts, particularly in the first picture. It looks like you are well on your way!