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  • Any NYERS here?

    Where can i find the best deal on grass feed meat for home consumption? I live in queens but wouldnt mind traveling some on a saturday to get it.

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    Hello neighbor! I'm in Chelsea. I get grass-fed beef and buffalo at the Union Sq. Greenmarket. This is the beef vendor:

    You can also find it at Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's usually has grass-fed ground beef. Dickinson's Farm Stand in Chelsea Market also has grass-fed beef, as well as lard, duck fat, and other goodies. Pricey though. There's also a NYC Paleo Meet-Up group that I just joined, though I haven't attended any events yet.


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      Check out this Meetup group for info on upcoming meatshares and local quality meat suppliers:
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        i usually just do traderjoes, but am gonna look into the meatshare


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          If you're close to Brooklyn, the Park Slope Food-Coop has great prices on grass fed meats. You have to be a member and work one 2.5 hour shift a month, but it's well worth it. I live very close though.


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            I get mine @ the Union Square Farmer's Market, also from Grazing Angus Acres. There's also the bison people at the Saturday mkt.


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              I THIRD GrazinAngus. Two other markets I know of that have grassfed beef are Fairway and Westerly Natural Market ( on 8th Ave and 50 something street).

              Which WholeFoods has grassfeed beef?