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Age 44 and size 28" waist after being Primal :-)

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  • Age 44 and size 28" waist after being Primal :-)


    I've been on the Paleo program for about a year. 80% compliant and cheating with desserts more than I should but thought I would share my results with the community.

    At 5'6" and 170 lbs, my "before" was certainly overweight and would have led to health complications. After going Primal for about a year, I am now at 144 lbs and down to a 28" Old Navy pant size. Resting heart rate 49 bpm, blood pressure 110/75.

    On December 22, my blood work came back:

    Glucose Fasting = 5.2 mmol (94 mg/dl)
    Hemoglobin A1C = 6.1%
    Total Cholesterol = 5.23 mmol (202 mg/dl)
    LDL Cholesterol = 2.94 mmol ( 114 mg/dl)
    HDL Cholesterol = 1.88 (73 mg/dl)
    Chol/HDL (Risk Ratio) = 2.78 <4.9
    Triglycerides = 0.91 mmol (81 mg/dl)

    I interpret this to mean my lipid profile is OK but my HbA1c is higher than optimal. I'm working on that and will take another blood test in 6 months.

    More before and after pictures can be seen here:

    Healthfully yours,
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    Great job Victor, you look healthy and happy!


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      Thanks jguyc!

      Its been such a journey hitting middle age but I am probably in the best stage of my life so far (I think). Have lots of friends in their forties who want to get in shape but don't know how or where to turn. Lots of skeptics who believe being Primal\Paleo is extreme. But then again these are friends who have trouble losing weight or sustaining weight loss or have poor blood work.

      I am grateful to Mark Sissons and the entire Paleo community for their support.
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        You are correct on the skeptics. Im 4 weeks into primal-type2 diabetic. Life started just 4 short weeks ago, I have never felt this good! Great job again and thanks for sharing your success! keeps me motivated


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          This article may be of interest to you. It compares the relative risk of cholesterol and blood sugar.
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            Great work, Victor, and am amazing transformation. You look younger and much more 'alive'. Well done.
            F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
            following Primal Lifestyle and swimming my way to health

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              You look fantastic Victor, well done and congratulations! Does your wife/partner share the same WoL, as she is looking pretty wonderful too!


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                Victor, you are an official cutie! :-) Great work, and thanks for the inspiration.
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                  Thanks for all the encouragement. You guys are awesome!
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                    Sweet, great job... I just dropped down to a 42 waistline, and am aiming for 28 myself. Very inspiring!


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                      Amazing. Currently 44" down from 46" and my current pants are too loose. Jealous of your progress.


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                        Lojasmo, stay the course my friend. All I can say is that it works. And even on "cheat" days, it doesn't seem to hurt as much my pre-Primal days. Staying active is important. Find an activity you like and hook on it like a kid with a Krispy Kreme (oops!).

                        I also recommend short, but intense total body movements like the basic kettlebell swing. I did a 100 before the Christmas Eve dinner at my sisters last night and had a blood sugar of 5.1 mmol (92 mg/dl) before dinner.
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                          Well done Victor

                          BTW your conversions to mg/dL for the lipids and triglycerides are wrong - the factor for lipids is about 39 and for trigs is about 89. Nevertheless your numbers are good
                          Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

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                            Originally posted by peril View Post
                            BTW your conversions to mg/dL for the lipids and triglycerides are wrong - the factor for lipids is about 39 and for trigs is about 89. Nevertheless your numbers are good

                            Thank you very much for pointing this out. I had just used the blood sugar mmol to mg/dl conversion and forgot that specific mass alters the ratio.

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                              Awesome results... You look fantastic !