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    My doctors had a free "wellness" screening today. I went along and got some blood work done. I'm hoping someone can comment on the results as the explanation leaflet they gave is pretty basic "Under this = optimal". Also it says "eat a well balanced deit, low in fat" *rolleyes*

    I've been following PB for about 2 months now so I wouldn't consider these successful/unsuccessful, but I'm interested in going back in 6-8 months and see how they change.
    I had some blood work done at the start of the year, but I don't have the results on me to compare.

    W: 163 lbs
    H: 5.11
    tc: 188
    hdl: 56
    tc/hdl: 3.4
    ldl: n/a
    trig: n/a
    glucose: 89 mg/dL
    Blood Pressure: 122/78
    Body Fat: 16.6%
    BMI: 22.7
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