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    i might lose weight faster if i cut dairy out but the only real noticeable affects it has on me, that i can tell, is getting a runny nose

    at one point i was eating sweet potatoes & cream cheese every day and my symptoms were non-existant, periods regular and pain free
    yeah you are

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      I have mild PCOS, I had a generally regular cycle since it's start but always excruciating and heavy. Recently I developed polymennorhea from some emotional stress, and I've only been Primal 20 days, so I don't know if it's really had a chance to have an effect. However, my insulin has felt much better - I'm not crashing or getting woozy. I've also lost a few lbs (I'm 5'5" and 164 now, from 167 starting!). I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes

      I recently stopped dairy for the Whole30, and I think I'll try to stay off it.
      I don't fast because I'm a recovering bulimic and being hungry at all puts me into a rabid scrounging of anything I can get my hands on. I get way too deprived and eat everything in the fridge, carbs included.. So I figure until I rebuild my relationship with food I shouldn't attempt to fast.
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        I went off of birth control in August 2011 and didn't have my first period until February 2012. Then I had one in July. I had started (re-started) eating primal at the end of June and my period re-appeared in September. Meaning I went from 6 months & 5 months breaks to only 2 in such a short time. In July, my doctor diagnosed me with mild PCOS due to my irregularity and hormone pattern (higher testosterone/out of sync LH) and follicles on ovaries (no cysts though) and I take this much shorter break between periods as a sign that primal is already having an effect on my hormone patterns and body in ways other than weight loss.
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          (First off - sorry for the lengthy post!)

          Hi all! I'm newer to the primal/paleo world. I started the primal lifestyle about 3 weeks ago and eat 90% primal I'd say (rice or potato maybe once a week along with an occasional treat like ice cream or cookie once a week). I've lost 10.5 lbs so far and already feel SO MUCH better!

          I was diagnosed "officially" with PCOS in 2005 when I was 20. But I've had irregular periods since puberty (11 or 12), only like 2 a year. At first I didn't care because I was really active through high school and thought it was just awesome I barely had a period (silly me). When I did menstruate it lasted about 2 weeks, was very heavy and quite painful. I was a bit chubby as a child but since puberty I gained a lot of weight, I am currently about 100 lbs overweight. I'd gain 20-30 lbs in one summer even if I was active! I noticed the excess hair growth on my face/chest in middle school and since then I have been shaving or plucking. I'm currently doing at home laser treatments.

          Anyway, when I was diagnosed I was put on birth control, which gave me regular monthly cycles. I was also put on Metformin but I had to stop taking it because it made me so incredibly ill!! I'm talking like no appetite, blood sugar crashes and diarrhea every hour! I tried lower dosage and slow release pills but it just gave me too many stomach problems so I said to hell with this, there has to be a better way! I had been looking for natural alternatives since. I discovered that taking raw apple cider vinegar does miracles, and I encourage you all to look it up for the multitude of health benefits.

          I've always known that a low carb diet is best for PCOS but until I found the primal/paleo diet I was so confused if I should go gluten free, vegan, eat whole grains etc. Now I've found that eliminating grains altogether is so much simpler and I can definitely see the benefits. My chronic asthma/allergies are gone! So now I know that I CAN lose weight with this lifestyle (when I felt I was always DOOMED to be overweight) I'm just worried about the hair growth.

          I know some of you mentioned that avoiding dairy has helped with the excess hair. Did it ever go away completely? I'm just sad because I love cheese, eggs and greek yogurt but if I need to give them up I guess I will. Besides being overweight (which is totally self conscious as it is) I feel like the excess hair is what makes me feel the MOST unfeminine. I mean it is so embarrassing for me that I have to shave my face just like my fiancee!! I'm doing the at home laser but it's not totally permanent and was wondering if dairy free really helped.

          Looking forward to your suggestions! Thanks girls!
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            I've actually found paleo eating has been really good for me re hair growth. Admittedly I'm not very hairy but the three stubborn hairs I get that I always tweeze have either become so fine there is no issue or just don't grow anymore.


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              Oh really? Ok that's great! Do you eat any dairy?

              I guess my biggest thing is just giving up eggs and cheese which I eat daily so I will try cutting back. Also I've only been primal for a couple weeks so I know it will probably take several months before I start to see any drastic changes to the unwanted PCOS symptoms. Gee, it would be so nice one day not to have to worry about little hairs on my face/chest and feel "normal".

              Fingers crossed!


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                Originally posted by SteffanieLuv View Post
                Oh really? Ok that's great! Do you eat any dairy?

                I guess my biggest thing is just giving up eggs and cheese which I eat daily so I will try cutting back. Also I've only been primal for a couple weeks so I know it will probably take several months before I start to see any drastic changes to the unwanted PCOS symptoms. Gee, it would be so nice one day not to have to worry about little hairs on my face/chest and feel "normal".

                Fingers crossed!
                Hey, I did a test for a week with dairy. I also have PCOS and cut out dairy except butter - but this week I included full fat cream. I drank 2 and a half tubs of that stuff! When I went primal about 2 months ago I instantly lost that snail trial hair and the hair under my chin. This week I noticed it was coming back again, and the cream was the only thing I'd included in my diet.

                So I did some research and the CW doctors were right - cut out dairy and you can get rid of those annoying hairs.


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                  I still eat dairy, only butter, cheese and cream but not massive amounts thou.


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                    Hi...i came across this old thread for women with PCOS, and how they have fared with the primal diet...any changes?

                    I have PCOS, and have lost weight on the primal diet. My period is and has always been very cyclical. I do go through emotional ups and downs still. Just wondering about other women's experiences.


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                      Hi there. I'm still here. I'm still doing well with the Primal lifestyle. I've made progress in my healing. Stalled on the weightloss, but overall I am doing all right.
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                        I am just starting over with the primal lifestyle now. I have been on and off the wagon so many times. I just recently saw an endocrinologist who prescribed metformin for me. I have definitely noticed some weight loss since I have been on it for 2 months now and I don't feel as terrible after eating a meal. I would love to eat primally and one day not need metformin anymore!


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                          Regarding weight stalling, you may want to adjust your caloric intake. Primal/Paleo is great but we can still overeat. Aaaaand, that's all I've got. Cheers.


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                            PCOSer here and I've just restarted Primal. We first did it a couple of years ago with great results and then little by little got back in to our old habits. We tried going back primal here and there but never stick with it.
                            Not this time though!
                            I did a 4 day juice fast and boy... not eating really makes you appreciate the good HEALTHY food that is out there that you take for granted.

                            Anyway, hoping going back to a stricter primal diet with fasting here and there will help with weight loss, PCOS symptoms, and my fertility.
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                                There is no cure for PCOS and taking too much iodine can cause serious health issues. Testimonials are not proof of a cure.