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Standing on the edge.... need push

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  • Standing on the edge.... need push

    I have been lurking the site for a while. I need a lifestyle change. While I don't have major health issues now, I am on a path that will inevitably lead me there. I want/need off that path. In less than a month my son will be two years old. I am at the beginning stages of metabolic syndrome. There is history of heart disease and cancer in my family so I need to get things straight so I'll be here for my family. OK, so theres a vague background of where I'm coming from, now to where I want to go. I need to be healthy. I like meat. I like veggies. I like fruit. I also like bread, grains, corn, sugar, cakes, pies, beer, and wine. Basically I like everything except peas - oh and shrimp but only because I'm allergic - it sucks. Last night while planting my fall cool weather veggies in my garden no shirt, bare foot, a thunder storm rolling in and it started to rain, I had what I think was my first "grok" moment. I think I even grunted like Tim Allen on Home Improvement! Although I think grok would be wise enough to come in the cave out of the thunder and lightning. I think I'm ready. So now what? I don't want to dive to hard core in and get discouraged and give up like I have on so many other of my past weight loss endeavors. This is not a weight loss plan... it's a lifestyle change that HAS to happen. I'm open to all comments and ideas.


    My next post won't be so windy - promise!

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    You're in luck, peas aren't primal anyway ! I don't like them either.

    Go for it. Jump in the water is fine. Ramp your sugar down and don't look back.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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      feltsole, eat your last SAD (Standard American Diet) meal, get rid of all the non-primal stuff in your pantry (I left a big bag on the curve saying: "free food, take me please"), and go shopping.

      You'll feel like a new person soon.

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        I agree with Grandma and SerialSinner,

        Just go for it.

        What's the worst that could happen?

        It's for sure not *less* healthy than the way you're probably eating now.

        So if you don't like it... at least you'll know.

        But I bet you *will* like it. A lot



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          "I like meat. I like veggies. I like fruit."

          Perfect. You are ready.

          As the others said, clean out the cabinets, and have the last of the "bad meals". Or just clean up and move on. Dive in, the water is fine.


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            I have been Primal less than a month, yet it has made SUCH a huge difference in the way I feel!

            I want to share this gift with you...go for it.

            Additionally, you will never find a more wonderful, intelligent group of people, than the folks on this forum. We're here to support you; welcome to the family!


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              Amen to all the above. Nike got it right: Just Do It!

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                Get rid of all that junk in the kitchen! You know what to buy, do it. Do you like to cook? I'd reccomend finding some awesome primal recipes (there are some good links floating around the site, or you can always google..) When I tell people about what primal eating consists of, their immediate reaction is usually, "Oh, so you eat everything raw?" Personally, I find raw salads to get kind of boring after awhile. Experiment with your foods, cook them different ways and add in all different spices. DON'T be discouraged when you still have cravings or your energy drops. It'll change within a few weeks.

                My friend has a blog on this, she's a kick ass girl and she might get through to you better..


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                  OMG, just go for it! You'll never look back.

                  I'm a Foodie and I LOVE to cook. Going Primal and searching out recipes has added a whole new level of adventure to my kitchen and it really makes cooking fun.


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                    Whoa! Thanks for all the encouragement and ideas. I "kinda" started yesterday. Sausage and eggs for breakfast. Sausage on the grill for lunch. Then, while my wife went to a wedding shower, I went on a nice 2.1 mile hike with a 28 pound kid strapped to my back in through the hills of Southeast Ohio. We came back to chicken breast on the grill. I cheated with corn and Sweet Baby Rays Chipotle BBQ Sauce. BUT... My wife came home from a wedding shower with cheesecake leftovers and I was able to ignore it. It took every last ounce of will power. I snacked on some watermelon and walnuts. Not full primal, but a turn for the better. My son ate at his picnic table and insisted I sit with him. I had to kneel like a catcher the whole meal. That’s Grok like... right?


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                      feltsole, the only way to do it is to do it. Yes, the first few days are going to be tough (the low-carb flu is almost inevitable) but once you are through the transition you're going to start seeing amazing results. I know I have. My story was front-paged yesterday here at MDA.

                      Remember that you'll also need the veggies for the nutrients - your diet should not be meat and nothing but. Make sure you take a vitamin supplement and drink LOTS of water to avoid kidney stones, especially while you're in the extreme low-carb phase of this way of life. Go read as well, to get the medical side of what's going on with your body as you go Primal. I wish you the best!

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                        Firstly, remove the word "cheat" from your diet. To cheat is to use illicit means to achieve your goals more quickly, which you can't be doing unless you're taking steroids.

                        So you indulged some corn and barbeque sauce. But you also ate plenty of good food - more than you've ever eaten in a single day before, I'm willing to bet - and you passed on a food that you knew was bad for you. Now ask yourself this: do you feel deprived because you didn't eat the cheesecake? Do you hear its dulcet tones calling to you from your fridge?

                        I'm guessing not. Eating a diet full of real foods will do that to you.

                        Anyway, I'm going to agree with Griff on this one: eat moar veggies. Get yer wifey to make you some salads (or make them yourself) and eat them regularly. Lettuce, chard, cucumbers, green peppers, celery, and radishes are all fairly low-carbohydrate but contain lots of veggie goodness. Buy yourself some awesome vinegar and olive oil (or Litehouse bleu cheese dressing) and make every salad an exciting adventure for your tastebuds.

                        Also, I would advise you to keep consumption of watermelon and other high-sugar fruits fairly low for the time being. If you're suffering from sweets cravings, get some frozen berries - either strawberries or a mix. Pour some (not a lot) into a bowl, add some cream and a little sweetener if you need it, and enjoy muchly.


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                          Hey, just wanted to chime in and second what everybody else said. I went almost completely primal when the challenge started a month ago (and I ate a LOT of grains and dairy). Like you, I have a strong family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and Type II diabetes, and now that I'm in my 40s I just want to be proactive and prevent those problems before they start.

                          I felt some changes within the first week...stable energy levels, and the disappearance of the heartburn I'd suffered with for years (literally CURED overnight by going primal). But something I wasn't expecting was that all my cravings for carby, starchy food evaporated. It's not even really a matter of willpower; after a few weeks you won't even want the stuff anymore, I promise. Your palate and your appetite will be completely changed.

                          Just dive in with both feet and do it! We're all here to support you.


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                            Thanks guys.

                            BTW I have a huge salad for lunch with Grilled chicken breast, shrooms, tomatoes from the garden, and walnuts. I can't wait. I also turned down homemade brownies from scratch from a co-worked grandma. That was eaiser than I thought. BOOYAH!


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                              Here is my two cents:

                              1. Start by logging every thing you eat.

                              2. Choose one of these two that you are going to concentrate on cutting down.

                              Sugar or Carbs. Goal here is to cut down not to eliminate.

                              3.Educate your self.

                              4. I am at a 36 pound weight loss and the goal is to go to 200 pounds.

                              Do something