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On vacation--so far, so good...sorta

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  • On vacation--so far, so good...sorta

    Hi everybody--

    Thank God we have internet in our room, I was already suffering from MDA withdrawal.

    So we're at a Sheraton for a homeschooling conference, which means restaurant meals for 5 days. Yesterday during our 8 hour drive, we just noshed on nuts, fruit and beef jerky after a good breakfast of eggs and organic chicken sausage. (Had to stop at a McD's for the kid, though....I know, but he was starving and whining. Did I mention the drive was 8 hours?)

    Last night at dinner hubby had a big steak, broccoli and asparagus, and I had cedar-plank salmon with the same veggies. The asparagus was grilled and so smoky and delicious we both had seconds. We are seriously considering going back to that same restaurant today for more of that asparagus, it was that good. I'm sure the waitress thought we were nuts, having orgasms over the vegetables, LOL.

    Oh, and yes, there were cocktails, but hey, it's a vacation. There's a health club and pool here, so we'll be able to get in some nice primal exercise.

    Now, off to the first presentation and then on to omelettes (and hopefully some fresh fruit) for brunch...

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    sounds like you're doing great!


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      Not too bad of a problem to have... deciding which awesome food to eat and which to avoid...

      Hope you have a great time!