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  • I can totally ignore chocolate biscuits. They barely register even when passed around right under my nose.
    Annie Ups the Ante


    • now I can hear my pulse in my left ear when I lay down to sleep
      Me, too! WTF?
      Crohn's, doing SCD


      • i used to wake up every morning and my arms would be "asleep' because i always sleep with them under my pillow. I still sleep this way but circulation is no longer affected.
        Before a big date i can manscape much easier
        My fingers have dropped a full ring size (which cost 95 dollars to size my platinum ring down) i had 13.5 and now am 12.5. less sausagey
        Sleep comes much easier.
        I can reach my whole back to wash it, before i couldnt come close to touching my hands together and reaching the whole thing

        58 pounds down.
        SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220


        • Originally posted by Millersoontobelite View Post
          i used to wake up every morning and my arms would be "asleep' because i always sleep with them under my pillow. I still sleep this way but circulation is no longer affected.
          I used to do this too. A guy who does a combination of Oriental medicine and so-good-it-hurts massage told me that it's actually due to blood sugar. Someone with normal blood sugar will wake enough to move a bit. Someone with roller coaster blood sugar won't move because they don't wake up enough to. I definitely have more problems with it on days when I have too much sugar.
          Most people don't realize how much energy it takes for me to pretend to be normal.

          If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart.

          Twibble's Twibbly Wibbly


          • My awesome butt. It's seriously great.

            I've never seen any kinds of results from either exercising or weight lifting before but between the primal way of eating and the fitness that goes along with it, it's very easy for me to build muscle and tone up now. Between the deadlifts and the biking, baby got back.
            be the hair that knots with my hair
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            primal since oct. 1, 2012


            • It is a good day when you realize that your biceps are bigger around than your neck, for the first time ever!, and then ... you are almost 50 and the strongest you have ever been!
              Male, 5'11", 49
              MaxW 246+ 2004
              SW 212 CW 200 GW don't really care
              Goal 12+ pullups per set, current 10


              • The other day I had to quickly climb two flights of steps. After climbing them, suddenly realized that I have been skipping two steps between each step I climbed. May be natural for a kid, but at 49 years of age, made me smile a bit


                • How long did it take you guys to start noticing some of these great changes?

                  I'm on week two of paleo and my acne has started to go away. I used to wash my face twice a day and apply cream to problem areas, my neck and back would break out too. Now it's like I don't even have to try, I keep thinking it has to be some kind of of coincidence and I keep waiting for it to come back but it hasn't. Other than that I think it's too early to really see any changes, that's why I asked for a time frame.


                  • Some things straight away - the lack of bloating after eating for example. Some things over a few weeks - weight loss and lower blood pressure for example. Even after several months you can start noticing some changes that have happened subtly without you really realising - like tonenails growing out stronger and whiter, face wrinkles feeling less deep, better sleep, softer skin . . .

                    Oh, and congratulations on the acne improvement. Way to go.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


                    • - Veggies are much tastier to me now. Veggies used to be bitter to me, but now most of them have at least a sweeter undertone.
                      - Fats also taste sweet.
                      - The joint pain I used to have in my hip is gone. Yay for walking normally!
                      - Found some pictures of myself when I was 16. I looked like I was approaching my thirties, had loose skin on my face, dark bags beneath my eyes, and just incredibly unhealthy by every standard. Jikes! I now look much more my age.. (19 by the way).
                      - My dreams make more sense and aren't as weird and random.
                      - No more ooth sensitivity to hot/cold foods or drinks!
                      - The biggest difference is on my personality, though. I've been very lethargic for my entire life, even my childhood. Eating this way, I've experienced what I thought was close to impossible- some actual energy and subsequent motivation! Yay!
                      - Helps with my aspergers. Communication actually makes sense.


                      • My nails could now be weapons. Downside, it takes forever to file them!


                        • General resiliencey!
                          Today was rainy and wet, so as I was coming in the door carrying a large bag of cat food on my shoulder I slipped on the tiled entry way and fell down hard on my butt...however, I simply (swore loudly ;-)) and got right back up. As I was walking into the kitchen my foot started hurting, so I checked it and found that I scraped it on the door. Just a scratch, not even bleeding so I washed it in the bathtub, but the fact that a minor scratch was the most painful part of taking a pretty hard spill was amazing.
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                          • Have read the entire thread... its awesome and I am hoping to benefit from many of the changes that have been mentioned!

                            Only 6 weeks in here... already lost 12lbs (22lbs total but 12lbs since grain/sugar free)

                            Noticed an increase in energy, easy to get up in the mornings now.

                            No longer essential that I get breakfast before I go out... quite often can easily go to lunch time without feeling weak/lightheaded.

                            Actually want to go out walking etc... and have been trying to find longer ways to get places just to walk more. lol

                            Tiredness during the day has pretty much gone (hypothyroid so tiredness was a big issue before)

                            Sex drive has went up greatly lately... which would be great if I wasn't single. lol.

                            More positive outlook on things, not sure if this is specifically due to the change in diet or if its because I have just finally found something that is allowing me to lose excess weight.

                            My left knee used to click... no longer seems to.

                            Lack of nausea - I used to feel sick quite often, I used to carry polo mints and water around with me everywhere because they helped make the feeling go away. Haven't felt this is a good while now.

                            Both my daughters have been ill in the last few weeks... I didn't get it.

                            Pretty sure there are many other little things that I just haven't noticed yet too

                            So glad I found this site/way of eating... it really has given me hope for my future.


                            • For me, the biggest bonus has been fitting into my old clothes, I had tons of stuff that I hadn't worn for years but that I didn't throw away because I really liked them. After a couple of months primal, I fit into most of them, pants that I hadn't worn in 6 years or so. It's the best feeling in the world when you try something on not expecting it to fit but then it does!.


                              • Even though I fell off the exercise wagon, cheated way too much and am only now coming back to PB I always kept up my intake of saturated fats during that time. I credit them - coupled with me quitting the ciggies - for the fact that I NEVER get a cold. I have not had a cold for at least two years. So pleased. Especially as everyone at work is CONSTANTLY ill. My CW-healthy workmate is constantly ill - I mean looks like death when he gets colds. But I have NEVER caught it off him. I credit coconut oil cos I think I must eat it almost daily.