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  • Any LEOs in here

    Any Law Enforcement Officers in here who follow the primal lifestyle? I guess this could also apply to fire fighters and long shift EMTs (I'm currently an EMT but only work 10 hour shifts at my company). I am trying to get into law enforcement and just wondering how you balance it.

    I'm currently trying to get into the California Highway Patrol. It consists of a six month live-in academy with daily workouts of runs of 4-6 miles, and hundreds or reps of pushups and situps. So I am currently attempting to mix the healthier 'primal' fitness program with one to more specifically focus on academy events, I think I found a happy medium.

    You also have to eat in their cafeteria Monday-Friday, so I'll lose access to high quality foods, but I'll survive making the best possible choices.

    I know that I'll have to make lots of primal sacrifices on this road. However, I'm more curious about after the academy. How do you balance the laws, especially sleep, play and the like with graveyard shifts, 17, 18 hour shifts, etc etc?