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  • Road-Trip Foraging

    Thought I'd share this with you.

    My wife and I drove down to Georgia yesterday to pick up our kids from the grandparents. This was going to be a 12-14 hour there-and-back day in the car ... ugh. For food, I had packed some cooked chicken breasts, large salad, nuts, and a couple pieces of fruit. I figured I would be sitting still all day and wouldn't need a ton of fuel.

    Anyway, she wanted to stop for lunch, and we had the dog with us so it was time to walk him. This is where I add that my wife has not adopted a Primal diet (she's trying though), and she went in to a franchise to get a "grilled" chicken sandwich.

    I took the dog for a walk along a stretch of grass next to a long fence line. This is where I hit gold! There were huge blackberry bushes filled with large, ripened berries! I ran back to car and grabbed a container to fill with my little prizes. There were also several grape vines with small, not yet mature grapes on them. I took a clipping from one of these vines to try and grow here at home.

    On the way back home, at a highway rest stop of all places, it happened again. I was walking the dog and came across a ripening wild plum tree with thousands of plums on the ground beneath it. A quick search on the cell phone gave me the green light and I picked about 3 pounds of these beauties as well.

    While I probably went over my daily carb intake yesterday, it was more than worth it to have picked it all myself. Hopefully, I can get this vine to sprout in a planter and keep it for permanent planting later on. Half the plums will be a sauce tonight and snacks for the week. Blackberries are going into yogurt as I type this ... YUM!

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    How nice! Hope the grape vine thrives. Incidentally, when I went on my walk yesterday, I found some blackberries (I think) too. Usually, I'm wary of picking berries on roadsides as I never know if they are poisonous or not, but this looked and tasted like blackberry. I must go pick them today.


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      Well played. Nature seems to provide to those with eyes to recognize it.

      Thanks for sharing...


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        I had a similar experience yesterday. We (me, hubby, 2 kids) went for a hike to the Farmer's Market. After purchasing our goodies, we were on the trail back home and ran into patches after patches of blackberries. We foraged for a while, my youngest daughter's face turned purple. I pricked my fingers a bit, but it was worth it. I wish I had brought a container to collect some for later instead of stuffing my face!