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Unexpected Benefits of Going Primal

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  • Unexpected Benefits of Going Primal

    Despite the obvious: fat-loss, energy-gain, health, etc. I have noticed some rather unexpected benefits about going primal that have made me feel good...

    1. Less garbage for the trash bin: Since I have been buying things in their raw form at the farmer's market. There is simply less packaging and waste. All that less going into the landfill or incinerator to hurt the environment.

    2. Meeting people: On a second garbage note, I walked to the recycling bins for my village a bit out of town rather than by car. Saved gas. And amazingly enough had the opportunity to meet people despite the seemingly sleepy tiny village I live in. A couple of rare tourists, and a man who comes into town daily with his horse and buggy! In a car, I would have driven right by without connecting.

    Anybody else have any unexpected positive moments, benefits, side effects you never would had without "going primal"?