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  • ASP

    Interesting post by Josef Brandenburg:

    "There were a lot of posts saying in effect: “What Taubes and the rest of the low-carb community don’t like talking about is a little compound called acylation stimulating protein (ASP) which stores dietary fat in the fat cell with ZERO rise in insulin levels.”

    I started doing some digging and found statements like these in peer reviewed research (I’m paraphrasing to make them readable and concise):

    #1. “ASP is far more powerful than insulin in stimulating the creation of new body-fat.” (1)

    #2. “ASP is released in response to an oral fat load.” (2)

    “What’s the deal with ASP!? Is this something that debunks low-carb?”

    So I spent the next 6 hours combing everything that I could get my hands on about ASP, and every time a paper made ref of statements (#1 & 2 above) I noted the paper they cited. (By the way, my biochemistry textbooks were no help at all.) Pretty soon it became clear that those two statements were pretty much built off of two papers published in 1989:

    • Statement #1 above was pretty much built off of a paper titled “Purification and characterization of acylation stimulating protein”, but let’s call it “ASP trumps insulin” for this article.

    • Statement #2 above was built off of a paper titled “Metabolic response of acylation stimulating protein to an oral fat load,” but let’s call it “ASP is released in response to fat, not carbs.”

    To read more: