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Successes for those with Autoimmune Diseases?

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  • Originally posted by DaisyEater View Post
    I've been on primal for a few weeks now and just got my first normal TSH and Free T-4 test. That's all the endo usually checks. I'd be really curious to see a thyroid antibody test, though. Plus I've lost a bit of weight. It's the first time I've been able to shift anything since going seriously hypothyroid a few years ago. The best I was able to do was stop gaining. And that took basically being hungry a lot of the time. To be able to actually lose some weight without killing myself is amazing to me. I still have a bit of myxedema but I understand that can take some months to return to normal. My basal temperature is 97.8 up from 97 or lower and I'm not cold all the time.
    Well, since this thread has been resurrected, I figure I'll update. I've now been at this for about a year and it's been a tough year at that. My father had stage four lung cancer and I was caring for him until he passed. So while I was still avoiding non-primal food, my food choices often were more based on convenience than what was best. Too many sausages and processed meats, nuts, etc. Definitely more wine than is good for me. And exercise? Oh hell no. I was lucky to get in a walk and a few push-ups now and then. Dad is gone now, but I'm still a stress monkey dealing with the estate and all. I'm the sole trustee. It's not fun.

    And I've managed to still lose a dress size. Most of that came off after Dad passed and my diet improved a bit. But I would have gained a ton if I had eaten and drank like that pre-primal, and I haven't been actively trying to lose weight. My lab numbers are still normal. My myxedema is gone. Completely gone. Seriously. My hair is regrowing like crazy. Not only had I lost most of my hair, it had straightened quite a bit. Now it's back to being super curly. Ok, not so thrilled about that one, but it is a sign of good health. I even had one hair that was coming in gray and went back to brown. I had no idea that could even happen. My skin is awesome. My body temperature is steady. I can tolerate heat and cold. I hardly ever wear a jacket these days. Granted I live in California, so that's not as huge a feat as it sounds but I used to feel like I was going to die when it got below 60. My digestion has improved. I can't think of anything that hasn't improved, actually.


    • Hey everyoneÖ

      Iím new to this site and searching for some encouragement from others going through the same thing as myself. Iím 34 year old female diagnosed with RA in August, 2011. Although I havenít been diagnosed with anything else, Iím pretty sure Iíve got some other auto-immune stuff going on as wellÖ because Iíve got some other crazy symptoms in addition to my RA. I just donít feel like myself anymore. I went to the Rheumatologist once and Iíll never go back if I can help it. Long story short I left cryingÖ Iím desperate and determined NOT to take the Western Medicine route, but man itís been tough trying to change my lifestyle! Not to mention I have a very unhealthy relationship with food, so this has been really challenging for me to say the least.

      The first thing I did was cut out processed foodsÖ I think Iíve been pretty successful with that. More recently Iíve decided to cut out grains; Iím doing my best to be gluten free, although I suspect itís probably hiding out in some of the foods I eat. Iím also considering the removal of dairy from my diet as well. For the last 4 months I was doing the nutrition response testing thing- although I donít really think itís helped me, as my symptoms have really not improved. However, Iím seeing a new Naturopath this week- and will likely get ALCAT testing done to determine exactly what my food sensitivities are.

      Auto-immune disorder sucks, and Iíd never say this anywhere else but If I canít live a reasonably productive life then I donít want to live at all- If you donít have your health you have nothing, period. I really want to overcome this, at least get it under control. I guess Iím just looking for some success stories and some encouragement. 

      Thanks for listening!


      • Thanks for your response, cillakat. I guess we're the only ones with autoimmune diseases around here..... curious.