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Going primal... What to expect..?

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  • Going primal... What to expect..?

    So, I have been loosely following PB for a couple weeks... Haven't finished the book yet and.. I am really waiting a couple more days to start on the first day of the month.. Because I'm ocd like that...
    But... No grains or sugar.. I'm basically not making sure meat is grass-fed and all my fruits and veggies aren't organic... But I've found that going a bit slower and not doing the all or nothing extreme right out of the gate has helped me wean off of those things because... HELLO CARB ADDICTION!
    Anyways, I am wondering what people have experienced when first going primal...
    My weight has really fluctuated this last week.. I even gained some.. Just a couple lbs.. But I wasn't sure why...
    BMs are drastically different... Went from pain and constipation to.. Several a day...
    I just had a baby (well 9 mo ago) and still no period yet... But I'm wondering, ladies how PB has changed hormonal issues...
    So... Give it to me..
    The good, bad and ugly.. About the beginning...
    Any tips?
    "Watch out for.... "'s
    "If you find x happening, then y."
    How your weight loss happened...
    Mood changes...
    Thanks in advance. Can't wait to read the responses.

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    Heya, I'm at a different life stage from you (haha) but primal definitely helped my hormonal issues - no more night sweats, sugar crashes or mood swings. All good stuff. As well as no more stomach bloating and very easy digestion.

    Back in my nursing days, I also had no period until baby was sleeping through the night and weaned or almost weaned. I considered it one of the perks
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      If you've just had a baby, you probably shouldn't go really low carb. Sweet potatoes and rice are good carb sources.

      For me, I've lost over a hundred pounds of weight on Primal. I've gained a tiny bit back from my lowest point but it's still pretty good. However, I'm still fat and trying to figure out how to advance past this. And, um, I'm kind of in a holding pattern. I move out from my parent's home in September and then I'll finally control all my food. XD Anyhow.

      In the beginning, my weight peeled off quickly. For almost a year, I lost weight. Then it slowed and stalled out. I started over 300 lbs, though, so that's normal. My BM's became very good. I still have some acne, I suspect I might need to stop with the milk. Damnit, I love it in my drinks though. Before primal by periods were irregular. Now they're far more frequent. My mood, alas, follows my periods. I know when one's coming up because I get anxious and prone to mood swings. *shrugs* That's always happened but it's more annoying now that I have regular periods. I never had GERD or any intestinal issues so no difference there. My keratis pilaris, or chicken skin on my upper arms, has totally cleared up. Unfortunately my excess hair growth hasn't so now I have hairy upper arms in addition to hairy lower arms. Ah, well.

      Over the year I was losing weight, I bought three entire wardrobes. XD Expensive but so much fun! I look very good in some dresses, now, despite the excess weight I'm still carrying. My current goal is to reliably fit into size XL dresses. Right now it's a crapshoot. Anyway, good luck to you!
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        Wildrose, I will respond when I'm on a computer next.
        Right now, I just want to know if anyone experienced weight gain* when first starting....?
        I know sometimes I eat a bit too much fruit... But, I haven't done any wheat, grains or sugar in a couple weeks.

        I'm down to pre-preg weight and because I'm nursing, my body will*not* give up any weight.
        Okay, I've decided to just deal... I'm adapting to this WOE to feel better as well * as losing weight.... But... Gaining?
        And my belly seems to be getting bigger.
        Don't understand.
        Getting discouraged....

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          Well,I can't say anything about the gain and pregnancy in it's entirety. But I often hear how pregnancy throws off your hormones,and possibly gutflora...
          You said you ate a lot of fruit....does your belly become bigger/more bloated after a couple hours possibly a day?bc it could be that you're maldigesting the fructose in fruit.
          I know for me that's a cause in the pregnant looking belly, free fructose and lactose in general (bc both are digested/metabolized through the same pathway)

          Also do you possible take probiotics and/or eat any probiotic foods?


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            You've only said what you are not eating, not what you are. Maybe too many calories overall, but that's hard to imagine if you are nursing.

            Pregnant again, is the other thought that pops into mind.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Gah, don't say pregnant again....

              Um... I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast...
              Usually some sort of meat and veggie for lunch and dinner..
              Sometimes.. When I'm jonesin for sugar I eat some strawberries... Other fruit.. Usually what seems lower on the carb scale.
              Whole milk.
              Not a bunch.
              Okay now that I check I may be up to almost 3000 calories.

              I haven't been focusing as much on that because I didn't want to feel deprived otherwise I may binge... Just eating flour straight out of the jar... Sprinkled with sugar..

              So.. About the fruit.. ? Should I stop eating fruit to check if it's making me.. What...? Bloated?
              Is it normal for things to take a few weeks to level out?
              I'm not actively gaining weight.
              My belly just seems maybe bigger...?
              I just wonder what is normal..

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                Right. Well, 3000 calories does sound a lot. I would suggest your body is designed to give up the stored body fat while you are nursing, that's what it was laid down for. Perhaps you could cut back on the milk, it can be way too easy to drink too many calories. The quality and type of your food sounds good, maybe you need another meal in your day since you are making milk around the clock.

                I doubt a few strawberries would make you bloated, are your veges well cooked? Raw veges can be a bit bloating. I doubt it would be worth worrying about though.
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Hang on - if you are down to pre-pregnancy weight already, then no wonder you are hungry. Just go with it!!!!!!! This is one of the tremendous benefits of nursing Keep up the quality, but other than that, just EAT. If raw fruit is bloating you then stew some apples or something, think convalescent food.
                  Annie Ups the Ante


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                    Yes... I didn't gain hardly anything while pregnant because... I guess because I was heavy to start out. So it was mostly baby.
                    But I feel like I've gained some since I've had her. Five ish lbs or so in the last 9 months.
                    Not much.. And it may be that my body is resettling back into it's new self...

                    I'm not especially trying to lose a bunch whilst breastfeeding.
                    I've read a lot of women don't lose the last bit of weight while nursing because our bodies store fat for just in case purposes.
                    I really just want to get into good habits and not be developing habits now that are bad and going to sabotage my future efforts.
                    Nobody has ever mentioned, that I've read, this being a learning curve sort of process, ya know?
                    It seems all I read is.. I stopped eating grains and sugar and now I'm a fitness model. Lol.

                    I thought caloric intake wasn't quite the deal for this WOE?

                    If you had advice for... The most important steps in entering PB... Like in order..
                    What would they be?
                    Give it time?
                    Give up these things first?
                    If it's not working, this is what I'd try?
                    I created a thread once for this purpose.

                    It's hard when I don't know my body as well anymore.
                    Now adding a new lifestyle... Just not sure what to expect and what's right.. And you know, it's hard to talk to Dr's about this.. Because so many spout out CW bs and don't help.
                    I appreciate the feedback

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                      And I am not taking in any sort of prebiotic, do you think that would help?

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                        Hi there, again, MoreThanAConqueror,

                        I think you are right that there is indeed a learning curve to this stuff and that will vary depending where we're starting from among other things. For me, when I found out about Primal (3 years ago) it just seemed to click into place. But in hindsight I had already made many many steps on the journey.

                        From what you've said, you have already latched on to some of the very important features i.e. eating meat, eggs, veges, some fruit and not much dairy. Avoiding sugar, grains (and legumes).

                        I'm not sure where you're at with processed foods and drinks, additives, sweeteners, and SEED OILS. All of these are also big no-nos on primal and may well unwittingly sabotage our best efforts if we don't pay attention. They are found in so many dressings, coatings, seasonings etc etc.

                        The other prong of attack is through exercise, specifically building muscle through lifting heavy things - a 9month old baby is a fairly heavy thing. So are baskets full of laundry and bags of groceries, but you can also get more intentional about it with some weights or even bodyweight exercises such as squats and press-ups. Maybe some specific post-pregnancy toning routine? Smart exercise in tandem with good eating gets the best results.

                        When I base each meal around a decent serve of protein then I don't get hungry again so soon so even though I don't count calories I end up eating fewer overall. Nursing uses a lot of energy, I would take advantage of this stage to kick start your fat loss (before I knew about primal, breast-feeding was the only way I knew how to lose weight, haha). But even without this you will be making yourself and your baby healthier by eating this way so it's all good.
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                          I have been eating primal/Paleo for seven years and I still don't look like a fitness model but I have slowly lost almost 70lbs. Most importantly, my over health is better.

                          Calories matter but it isn't a simple math problem. I track frequently to get a good estimate of what I am eating. Calorie counting is at best an estimate and not an exact science, especially if you are eating natural foods. Ten samples of 10 ounces of a vegetable can all have slightly different calorie/nutrient make up because of when they were picked, what they were grown in, etc. Some people don't seem to need to count but I find it works for me. Not everyday now that I have been doing this for a while but often enough to keep an eye on things.

                          Personally I think eating probiotics is the best way to go. I drink kombucha and water kefir, both of which are pretty easy to learn to make. I ferment my own vegetables because then I can make them how I like them and it is much cheaper too. All of those things can be make with mason jars or things you probably already have at home. Cultures for Health has a lot of information fermenting. The best book I have read on fermenting vegetables is by Sandor Katz and is called Wild Fermentation

                          There is definately a learning curve here. And it takes time to figure out what works best for you. What works best for you today may not be what works best as you lose weight and get stronger. I find myself making small tweaks every once in while. My best advice is to follow the plan as written for a few month until you are comfortable with it, see how you feel and make adjustments as necessary. Get the basics down before trying all the suggestions and hacks that people are always doing. I find keeping things simple works best for me.

                          As you mentioned, you are trying to develop good habits now and that is why I suggest following the book/site as written. Try focusing on keeping your carbs under 150 gr a day, getting enough protein, getting a variety of fruits and vegetables, making sure you are active, lift heavy things occasionally and most importantly have fun! This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix diet. A lot of this came together for me when I stopped obsessing so much about my diet and focused more on making an overall change that included a lot more activity.

                          Good luck!