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Eating primal as a commuter?

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  • Eating primal as a commuter?

    I need help! I'm finding it very difficult to eat primal as a commuter. Monday to Friday I have no kitchen at my disposal, just a kettle and a fairly small and shared fridge at work where I can't just go and store a huge bowl of food in it that I could prepare on the weekend. Also, any food that I can bring from home is left in the car Sunday night and brought to work only Monday morning. At this time of year nights are cold, but in summer this may be a problem.

    I'm trying to live on hard-boiled eggs (dyed, available at the supermarket, the organic ones I used to cook at home and bring to work are very difficult to peel), kefir, tomato juice, vegetable juice, cottage cheese (all organic), nuts and mini-cheese-loaves (babybel, packed in red wax and non-organic). It's all so limited and I'm craving everything but above-mentioned food! I haven't eaten meat for 20 years now, so even less choice.

    Do you guys have any ideas on how to survive the week? Perhaps stuff that I can prepare and bring from home that doesn't require a fridge or takes up little fridge space?

    I don't want to eat the ready-to-eat supermarket stuff such as lettuce etc. that has frequently been found to be covered in not so healthy germs and bacteria. And of course none of it is organic. In my country supermarkets have very little refrigerated ready meals compared to the US and UK and even less that doesn't require cooking or baking and overall pretty much none of it is low carb.

    Advice would be much appreciated! I used to live primal for three years (without the meat) before I started my current job and ever since I put on loads of weight and until recently lived on bakery treats and sweets while wishing back my primal live. Finding a flat near work and getting back to normal has been unsuccessful so far.

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    Invest in thermal containers which will work for hot and cold.
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      yes,Invest in thermal containers which will work for hot and cold


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        Canned fish such as herring or sardines. if you bring food from home everyday you dont have to keep it in the fridge. I dont bother and no problems. I make home made sauerkraut and bring a mason jar of it to work and eat it with everything.

        I also make pre-portioned omelets that I can grab and go. I bring fruit and containers of last nights dinner. It does require some creativity.

        I am curious as to why you must put the food in the car Sunday night though.
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          Did you guys actually read my post? I said I don't have a kitchen Monday to Friday. I cannot prepare or cook any food and bring to work the next day. So there are no leftovers. I can only prepare and bring something on a Sunday which has to last until Friday (remember? no kitchen) and it cannot take up much space in the small fridge that I have at work. I can buy stuff during the week but I've run out of ideas.


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            I think there is confusion about what you mean by commuter. I take it that you are home on weekends, then someplace else all week (hotel? camp? dormitory?). Are the kettle and small fridge at work, or wherever you are staying? Can you choose different accomodations?


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              Have you tried dehydrated soups? They aren't all great, but you could even possibly make your own if you have a dehydrator or access to dehydrated vegetables. You could also make your own bars from ground nuts, dried figs, seeds, etc. those would be better refrigerated, but they are so caloric ally dense that they wouldn't take up ,ugh space.

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                So are you going to continue living/working like this - if so why?


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                  Yes, weekends at home, bedroom without kitchen use during the week. No, I'm lucky I have this stress free accommodation. If I could find a flat, I would have moved long ago. Sensitive subject to me, very frustrating situation. But I love my job.

                  I've considered dehydrated soups, but they don't contain much good stuff. I don't have a dehydrator. I can't even find vegetable stock without sugar and yeast.

                  I also thought about the bars. I'd rather not have them sweet and I think what holds them together is honey and the likes. Couldn't find any recipes for savoury ones that are satisfying and low carb. Does anyone know a good recipe? I could bake something on Sundays and put it in the fridge at work to last until Friday. It's just some ingredients may not last that long.


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                    FWIW, we make egg muffins (kind of mini-omelets) Sunday evening. They keep well into the week so long as they are refrigerated but even if not, we still eat them on Wednesday/Thursday...if any are left.


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                      There are also dehydrated meals that people use for camping.

                      Paleo baking that you make at home would last in the car all week, especially in a chilly bin (insulated container).
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                          Take raw, chilled, cured and canned food ... avocado, tomato, boiled eggs, smoked mackerel, curried and chilled chicken, canned fish, crab, whatever, octopus in olive oil, lettuce. Did this for a good couple of years n the same situation.

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                            Bananas and nut butter, paleo bread, nut protein balls, Avacados, fruit, macadamia nuts, boiled eggs (will last a few days from when cooked) spiralised sweet potato noodles (lasts a few days from when cooked), celery sticks or carrots with humous, a juice or two (again will last a few days from when prepared) chia seeds and linseeds mixed with aroy d coconut milk (or water ) and leave to soak, it's surprising how much they satisfy you and fill you up for a while)

                            Also, perhaps not a great solution but if you cannot eat paleo then why not try IF for 12 or 24 hours, say on a Friday when you are coming home, Mark always comments on how good this is for the body if done correctly.

                            But basically I'd do a load of cooking on the Sunday so you have meals for Monday and Tuesday ( freeze if need be before you leave so they will last a bit longer)

                            Also why not eat out one lunchtime or night, it may not be organic and local pasture raised food as Mark advises if possible, but with some careful thought it could still be pretty paleo like) a nice steak or chicken with veg or an eggs bacon and sausage and tomato breakfast)

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