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    An awesome paleo recipe adapted for the Groks...from the book "Becoming Vegan".

    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 banana
    1-2 tsp. cocoa powder
    2 tsp. flaxseed oil (I think this was in the vegan recipe for omega-3, you can sub another kind of oil)
    3-5 Tbsp. nut butter (cashew or almond)
    2-3 Tbsp. orange juice (subbing this for milk reduces carbs by 7g)
    2 Tbsp. coconut milk
    1/2 avocado

    Blend all ingredients in food processor (works best) or blender.

    Makes 2 servings.

    Ratios for adapted recipe: approx 515 calories, 7.8 g protein, 59 g carbohydrate, 33 g fat
    It is calorically dense and high-carb, but also high-fat so it should be okay as a now-and-then treat that won't spike your insulin.

    Stats as of 3/1/12:
    5'10" female, 38 y/o
    Currently 140 lbs., approx 25% body fat
    WEIGHT GOAL: lose a bit more body fat and tighten up the rear end...basically, I want to look great naked. Everywhere else is looking great, but my ass/hips/thighs are being a bit stubborn. TMI?
    DAILY MACRO TARGETS: Cal: 1,857. Protein: 100g (400cal). Carb: 75g (300cal). Fat: 128g (1156cal).
    EXERCISE GOAL: incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions and 1 sprint session per week.

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    Looks like something I might have to try. I would substitute something for the flaxseed oil. That has a taste I don't enjoy. Of course, you wouldn't have to try too hard to convince me that coconut oil would work.
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