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Home made Paleo Granola - WAY cheaper than buying granola.

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  • Home made Paleo Granola - WAY cheaper than buying granola.

    To find paleo friendly granola in Whole Foods or Trader Joes or any organic market is tricky. they all have canola oil at the least. Many have soy or soy products. And those are the better ones. All are too sweet. To purchase and actual paleo friendly granola product on-line is very expensive. We kept track of prices and quantities. We bought in bulk. all ingredients were raw and organic and fresh. No matter how you crunch it the savings are measurable and immense. And the granola is so good, I can't have it in the house! We made 4x the amount of paloe granola for 25% of the cost of what we found in stores and on line.
    Here is what we did although you can vary as much as you want:
    2 parts raw almonds,
    1 part raw sunflower,
    raw pumpkin seeds,
    unsweetened organic coconut flakes;
    equal parts melted ghee (or ogranic salt free butter) & raw honey*
    (for 2 cups almonds, use cup butter/honey).
    mineral sea salt to taste.
    consider other paleo additions: **
    Grind the first three ingredients (we use a vitamix blender which will turn all these nuts into dust in one second. In fact it will turn an old boot into dust in 1 second) So we just wiz it realy quick to keep some full and some more gound nuts. It's nice to have nothing much smaller, than say a flax seed - otherwise you're eating flour. Keep other nuts whole - or as desired.
    add the coconut and other additions of your choice (see below).
    add salt to taste.
    Pour the honey and ghee (or butter) over the nut mixture.
    Bake for about 15-20 minutes on a medium(ish) heat. You may need more or less (optional).
    *Lose the honey if desired. My hub makes this and uses the honey recipe for himself and daughter, for myself I would replace the honey with a fairy dusting of stevia.
    **dark (85% or greater) chocolate bits, fresh coconut flesh, dried gogi berries...etc.

    My daughter (who has yogurt) adds this to the top of organic full fat plain yogurt and loves it. My husband eats this alone or with coconut milk.

    This is clearlycalorie dense and it will be a weight gainer unless you consider the calories (if you need to).
    My current diet is focused on Omega 3's. So I circumnavigate nuts. (although I do consume coconut milk and fresh cocunut)

    But if you have a child or you're not concerned about omega 6's - this is a great recipe. My husband found a few recipes on the internet and played with many of them. This is what he came up with and it could be a replica of something he found or not - not sure. I'll just give credit to that fact that it's awesome!
    (PS. some recipes use egg whites prior to baking to hold it all together or create those classic clusters. we havn't tried that.)

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    that sounds really good. I WILL have to try that. I love granola bars, and not so much of the protein bars. So this one sounds great. Thanks!
    Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.


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      Until recently I was eating a mixture of nuts, berries and yogurt, 5 days a week. It does taste fantastic and while I was eating it I looked forward to it every day! But, once I found out about Omega 3:6 balance, I figured I shouldn't eat it as much. So, so good though.


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        This is great I just got some samples of paleo granola from an internet site but the price will probably keep me from buying it.


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          I have this entry bookmarked, and we always keep some in the house. I make it with coconut oil instead of ghee, and I mix the nut ratio, using half almonds, 1/4 macadamias, and 1/2 walnuts or pecans, whatever we have available, in place of the 2 parts almonds. Very tasty!