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  • Nutella ideas and help

    I made the Primal Nutella a few weeks ago and MAJORLY failed. Apparently I find the taste of Stevia appalling. So I made a second batch. The texture isn't right but I think I know why. The problem is that it's pretty nutty tasting. Is there a way to cut that bitterness? I have had an awful lot of food failures lately and am getting a bit discouraged so any help would be appreciated.

    The recipe was a cup of Hazel nuts, 1.5 TBS cocoa powder, coconut oil for the consistency and sweetener which I went with a tad bit of simple syrup and honey because I LOATHE Stevia.

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    You could try to substitute macadamias. I believe they are less bitter than hazel nuts. Good luck!


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      Did you roast and peel the hazelnuts? Too many of the brown skins add bitterness.


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        agree-Id also stick with honey...stevia, xytol etc....too processed and scary.


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          what about pure glucose? At least it doesn't contain fructose, if I remember correctly.

          some cocoa powders do seem more bitter than others.