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  • Coleslaw

    Hi! I had a nice napa cabbage in the CSA box, along with some radishes, and modified a coleslaw recipe:

    Generously salt thinly sliced cabbage, add sliced radish. Let sit in a colander for 3 hours, then rinse well and dry

    Whisk coconut milk, olive oil, mustard, and pepper in a bowl, then add to slaw.

    I won't lie - the coconut milk is a little weird in slaw, though you get used to it pretty quickly. I can't do cow's milk and with little little kids, I don't want to add raw egg yolks. Anyone have any ideas for an awesome slaw recipe?

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    My mother has always dressed coleslaw with a basic homemade olive oil vinaigrette and that's still my preferred variation. I use white wine vinegar for the vinaigrette over basic green cabbage, or balsamic with red cabbage. Shred red cabbage, season with the balsamic dressing and add salt, pepper and thyme to taste. Yum!


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      I'm a big fan of no-mayo slaws, and I have an apple ginger coleslaw recipe on my blog: this was made before I went primal, so you can skip the honey or reduce it.

      I also make an Asian style coleslaw with fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. I usually put slivered red pepper and cilantro with the cabbage.


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        It's the combination of coconut milk and olive oil that sounds weird to me. Have you tried it without the olive oil?


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          I always use 1/2 cup mayo, 1tbsp rice vinegar, 1tbsp sesame oil for an asian slaw variation.
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            I made a good coleslaw recently from a recipe, but can't find it anymore... the dressing was mainly apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and dijon mustard.
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              I enjoy no-mayo slaws a lot too. I just mix a 50/50 oil-white vinegar with a squirt of honey (optional)....usually with some poppy seeds added, though lately I have been playing around with using chia seeds. These types of slaws keep for a while in the refrigerator too, which makes for a handy make-ahead work night salad.


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                Thanks! I was trying to substitute coconut milk for buttermilk and olive oil for mayo (how can it be called "real mayonnaise" when the first ingredient is soybean oil? I don't think that was in great grandma's recipe). All these look great! I hadn't thought about slaw much in a while, but it really is a nice primal food - fat and veggie!


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                  asian slaw (spicy - won't work for the kids) rice wine vinegar, wheat-free tamari or Bragg's, sesame oil, ginger, thai curry paste, sambal or srarracha, mongolian fire oil. I add that pre-fab brocoli slaw to my cabbage, along with red onion, green pepper & cucumber. marinate overnight. Add shrimp & its a cool snack on a hot day! sorry no measurements, I'm one of those pour & taste cooks. I'm used to how much is about a tsp or tblspn in the cup of my hand. The oils I just shake a bit, stir & taste, shake out a few more drops... Made this last weekend & the non-PB BF gobbled it up.


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                    Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
                    It's the combination of coconut milk and olive oil that sounds weird to me. Have you tried it without the olive oil?
                    Maybe it would work with coconut vinegar and leave out the olive oil. Even walnut oil would work better if you think you need oil. I am going to have to mess around with this.