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    I'm a 20 year old Scottish student, I've known about MDA and PB for around 10 months, personally I've lost 20lbs and doubled strength (would be more if I was such a party going student! I probably have another 30,40lbs to go to showcase the new muscle, I'm 6'4" so hold it well anyway.). This summer, I have become the housewife back home, I am unemployed and it gives me the opportunity to cook the majority of the meals for the family. They have given permission for me to cook the primal food, but keep moaning about what I give them. THE RUDENESS! I find it incredibly tasty, but they are moany, I think they are having carb flu and carb withdrawls.


    Sausage/Bacon/Egg variations (Omelettes etc)


    Beef Chilli using leftover lamb fat,
    Chicken Coconut Korma,
    Cajun Chicken Salad
    Tonight I made the Sun dried tomato and feta cheese stuffed chicken featured on Primal Journey. (My sister is inspired by the journey Michelle is taking.)

    Fried sausuages/salami
    A trail mix I made (cashews,almonds,walnuts,pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)

    They keep moaning that there's too much fat, they feel tired and it can't be healthy eating all this "artery clogging saturated fat".

    I've got fat head and big fat lies on dvd to get them to watch at the weekend to try and explain some of the science behind it.

    I would appreciate any advice, be it recipes or sharing experiences in introducing family members, mine all need to improve health to avoid an early grave.


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    Hey Matt!

    We've primalified recepies from Neither my husband or I were very good at cooking, and in the past 9 months since we discovered primal we've gone from "passable" to "holy beef, this is DELICIOUS". was the ticket for us, learning actual cooking techniques in addition to step-by-step recipes.

    I'm not much help with how to get people over the bump of being scared of fat. I gave the Primal Blueprint to 3 people in my family, and suggested to a 4th that she should buy it (which she did), and everyone who has tried it loves it. (Only one of my sisters hasn't tried it yet, I'm hoping I can go cook for her for a couple weeks to see if she'll be willing to try it then).
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