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  • honey mustard

    anyone made honey mustard with something besides honey??

    egg yolk
    olive oil

    does this sound right if i figure out where to get the honey part from?
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    You could use Agave Nectar, or honey


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      I always do 1/2 mayo, 1/2 mustard, and just enough honey to taste it. That might be 1/2 tablespoon for a cup of mayo/mustard mixed.
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        If you have a favorite sweetener (stevia, xylitol, whatever) you can probably use some of that. It won't taste quite the same as using honey, but I think it would work.

        When I've made a honey mustard salad dressing, I used honey, mustard, and enough mild olive oil to get the texture I wanted. Just whisked it all together. I like your egg yolk idea though, that would make it thicker/creamier, so I think you've got a good plan.
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          I think maple dijon is the apogee of deliciousness for sweet mustards. I used to make candied maple dijon bacon (which was basically bacon brushed with a 80/20 solution of maple syrup/Maille dijon mustard) but I've flipped the ratio and it's still pretty darn tasty.


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            I have often made honey mustard from just dijon and honey... last time I had a party with some chicken fingers like half the people there asked where I got it or for the recipe. 3 parts mustard to 1 part raw honey.