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Coconut milk based chili?

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  • Coconut milk based chili?

    Some will get a kick out of this because I'm always the one asking why we feel obligated to come up with primal recipes instead of just eating good foods Anyway, I've been asked to make chili for a group that doesn't share my nutritional philosophy. I plan on making a batch of conventional chili, but also a primal version. Was wondering if making a white chili with coconut milk as the base would work? Lots of grass fed beef and possibly lamb, peppers, onions, spices including chili powder, etc.

    Anybody tried this? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    ive added coconut milk to my taco meat before, along with butter, cumin, tomato paste, hotsauce etc. It was very good.


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      Actually, it sounds like the kind of traditional meat soups they make in the Carribean. My instinct would be to use jalepeno or serrano for some spice, rather than chili powder, but not sure why. I kinda don't think chili made with coconut milk will be chili - more like the Jamaican stew they call "one-pot," but I bet it will be lovely! Lemme know if u want recipes...
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        Thanks, would love to see some recipes to get me started!


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          I don't know about Mexican-type chili, but if you google Thai red curry, that has chili and coconut milk in it. You can make it with any kind of meat or seafood, and I use green beans (the longish ones, is that what you call string beans in USA?) and red capsicum (peppers), with a pre-mixed Thai chili paste and coconut milk. There's quite a few odd ingredients like lemongrass, galangal and fish sauce that I don't keep so a jar of the prepared sauce or paste is easiest.