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Yummy protein balls

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  • Yummy protein balls

    Last night I had a play around with some mostly primal ingredients I had in the house and this is what I came up with. Quantities are not exact I am afraid but you basically put all the wet ingredients into a bowl and then gradually add the dry in whatever quantities you want/like to get the right texture for rolling into balls.

    big blob of peanut butter (not strictly primal so substitute with tahini or other nut butter)
    blob of tahini
    splash of heavy cream
    spoonful of sour cream (I just happen to have some and thought it would go)
    dash of vanilla
    approx 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder or more to taste
    whey/protein powder
    LSA (linseeds, sunflower, almond mixture ground)
    half teaspoon of xylitol or honey or non at all
    you could add some coconut to this too

    so now you mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients until you have a fairly stiff mixture that holds together well. This will take a few mins. Taste it on the way too and see if it needs anything else. Roll into walnut size balls and keep in the fridge.
    Feel free to add other primal foods to the above like chopped nuts, butter, coconut oil.
    They are handy when you feel like a little something dense between meals or if you are tempted by cookies or cake! Good to take out with you too.