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Rhubarb recipes anyone?

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  • Rhubarb recipes anyone?

    I suspect that Grok would have regularly dined on raw rhubarb when it was in season. One of my goals with going Primal is to utilize what is naturally available to me, but unlike Grok I find it difficult to eat raw rhubarb all the time (because coconuts>>>>>>>>>>>rhubarb).

    The only recipes that I can really find are for baking rhubarb in solid blocks of sugar: cobbler, pie, etc. So I'm hoping that someone else out there knows of interesting ways to Primally cook rhubarb.

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    Try stewing some in a dash of water*, taste, and see how you like it. I like sour/harsh tastes (I like "raw" sloe berries ), but it makes most people go ick!
    Then having made your rhubarb gunk- sorry, "compote" - it's meant to be a nice sharp dressing for oily fish; or you could mix it with cream to make a rhubarb fool. Try adding warm spices to the stew - ginger, cinnamon, mixed spice...

    *If it's forced rhubarb, don't add any water


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      Made this the other day. Very good stuff.

      Paleo strawberry rhubarb crumble


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        It's too bitter for me to eat on its own, but I simmered some with applesauce until it was nice and soft, which worked nicely to sweeten it. Sauteeing it in coconut oil almost made it sweet enough but I ended up adding a little honey. =X I've been wanting to try baking some into a custard, with coconut milk... but I haven't come up with a recipe yet.
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          I do add sugar but not as much as I used to. A dollop of butter or coconut oil makes it creamier and less carbcentric.


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            I made a strawberry rhubarb "pie".. with a coconut crust. It didn't turn out like I'd hoped, so no recipe to post, but you could experiment with it and maybe do a coconut crumble on top. Boil the rhubarb to soften, I put some stevia leaves in the water to add some sweetness then took them out.

            Good luck, I can't wait to see the other posts!
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              I remember we used to have a lot of rhubarb soup as a dessert when I was a kid. Usually with a piece of cinnamon in it for taste. I am afraid most of the recipe I can find has a lot of sugar. Maybe it is possible to drop the sugar or replace with something else.
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                I used Rhubarb as a basis for a salad dressing....Rhubarb Citrus Salad Dressing

                You can also include it in any Primal muffin/bread recipe. I baked a banana-rhubarb loaf last weekend and it was delicious. I used coconut flour as the base, with banana's and chopped rhubarb.


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                  I also made the Paleo strawberry rhubarb crumble, but used mixed berries instead of just strawberries. It was delicious! Really simple and highly recommended.


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                    In my childhood we used to munch on raw rhubard we picked straight from the patch. Nowadays I just can't wrap my head around eating something that requires massive preparation to render it palatable.
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                      Mmmm I love raw rhubarb!!!

                      It's good cooked with cubed apple (apple lends some sweetness to the compote) or the traditional strawberry.

                      I've seen it served over wild game with saskatoon berries.
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                        We love rhubarb pretty much every way. But here is our recent post in Kompotte form. Enjoy
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                          Wow. Thanks everyone.