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Help with a coconut cheesecake!

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  • Help with a coconut cheesecake!

    So it is my Hubby's birthday tomorrow and he loves cheesecake. I thought I would attempt to make a decently lower carb one that certainly won't be primal but would be an acceptable birthday indulgence.

    Here is my plan so far, perhaps someone has some suggestions.

    Cream cheese, eggs, coconut milk (I think I will reduce it on the stove to make it thicker)and just a little honey to sweeten. I want to make a crust out of ground macadamia nuts & coconut, with enough coconut oil to moisten it but then I need a egg maybe? I saw one recipe that used a gluten free flour and I guess since I am throwing in honey I 'could' do that if I have to.

    I will top it with flaked coconut and let the brown just a little in the oven.

    Any advice?

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    your crust sounds perfect! i would stick with the nuts, coconut, and oil, and one egg. mix it all up well and see if it's too wet. if it is, you can add a little more coconut (it tends to soak up extra moisture). stay away from gluten free flour mixes unless they are grain free. coconut flour is my fav grainless flour. it all sounds very tasty to me! here is a link to my blog, in which i made a pumpkin cheesecake. they crust turned quite well, and you can follow it if you like:
    let us know how it all turns out!


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      Thanks cookie , your blog look s great

      I appreciate the positive feedback....I was a little worried about the kind of response I would get. I know most folks here are pretty stringent in adhering to the PB...but a 47 yr old man who has happily endured a complete over haul in his diet, just for me, and has lost nearly 30 lbs... well he deserves a little indulgence in my eyes!

      I will let you know how it turns out!