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  • Bullsnake

    My brother just called and asked if I want 2 5 ft bullsnakes, they are headless and gutted and ready to be cooked, and I'm poor so I got all excited at the prospect of free meat so I said yes. And now I have realized I have no freaking idea on how to cook these things. The most exotic foods I have ever eaten were liver and sardines so I'm way out of my league with snake. Anyone got any ideas???
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    Never had a bull snake. Looked around for snake recipes other than just clean it, cut it, and fry it.

    Found these. Not bull snakes, but snakes. Can't be too different.


    Gather and dice (cut up) vegetables of taste or those locally available.
    Capture one boa (or snake of choice). Remove head, skin and organs. Dice meat. Size of it determines number you will need as well as number of guests and size of pot, drum (i.e. cooking container).
    Amount of vegetables should equal amount of meat. Add water enough to just cover ingredients. Season to taste with local seasonings (i.e. salt, pepper, peppers, roots...). Bring to boil, allow to simmer off of flame for 5 to 10 minutes. Serve.
    P.S. Boa or python can also be served as an appetizer (raw).

    1 rattlesnake per person
    Crab boil
    1 egg
    Salt & pepper
    Green onion
    2 tbsp. oil
    Gut the rattlesnake and peel the skin off. Cook in a crab boil (water + lemon + seed package for crab or shrimp). Cool and peel off the strips of meat. Chop and combine with egg to bind, salt and pepper and a bit of green onion. Saute in oil until brown on both sides. Serve with tartar sauce.

    Hope it works for you.
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      Talk to Diana Renata about it - paging Diana! I think she's cooked up snake a bit. Or see her blog at:

      Good luck!


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        I just learned something new. Wow - thanks
        Nutty Kitchen

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          I'd be concerned with how to get the bones out of the way, but I love to try any kind of meat that I can get my hands on. I really don't care what it was, if I can cook it and tastes good meat's meat in my book.