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  • no eggs and no nuts... ideas


    So my family has been primal for a few years now. we have been doing pretty well. Very happy with our primal way of life. We have even raised our children primaly as well. Well, we recently had our 3rd child and found out he is allergic to eggs and nuts. ... Eggs and nuts were such a huge part of our diet. Every breakfast had eggs. We enjoyed primal pancakes and baked goods with eggs and nut flours. Now im kinda nervous about how this is gonna work going further. We have no desire or plans to go back to eating any other way besides primal. Any ideas or recipes to help us out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    Meat, veggies, fruits, tubers, dairy.

    Nut flours aren't that great anyway. I think a worthy egg substitute is a mashed banana in some recipes... you can look up baking substitutes for eggs too (avoid the "flax egg"). Maybe try cottage cheese or full fat greek yogurt as "egg" in recipes?

    Breakfast: I find dairy(cottage cheese, yogurt)+fruit, or jerky, to be extremely satisfying. You can also get coconut chips either dried or fried in coconut oil! A smoothie is also great.

    Instead of nuts, snack on fruit/jerky/sweet potato chips/coconut chips...or better yet, don't snack at all and just eat meals.

    Look into stews, curries, stirfries, roasts, and BBQ's of various nations. These aren't based around nut flours/nuts or eggs.
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      thanx, great ideas.


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        Fyi can always use coconut flour instead of nut flour. As for the eggs, i am allergic too. Bacon and sausage is always an option for bfast. Mix it up! I often eat more lunch items for breakfast; soups are really nice in the winter and dairy is really refreshing in the summer. My family enjoys some fresh buffalo mozarella with tomatoes and olive oil for bfast or smoked salmon with avocado and fresh veggies often.

        Coconut butter is a possible substitute for nut butters for kids to eat with apple or banana slices. My favorite snack is cottage cheese or greek yogurt with fruit and coconut butter


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          Yogurt, fruits, meats, home-made rice-pudding, dinner left-overs, etc, etc.


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            thank you,

            I was definitely thinking sausage(homemade) and bacon with fruits for breakfast... yogurt.. I would love to find a recipe for pancakes. My older boys ( 4 and 2) love pancakes. made with tapioca and coconut flour... but they contain eggs. So those are out. Any one have an eggless and nutless pancake recipe..

            lunch we are good on and dinner is pretty good too. its really just the breakfast. Especially for my boys. they love their eggs. I think ill just have some meats made up and have that with fruit and berries.

            Thank you for all you ideas and help.