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  • Thermomix Primal

    Does anyone here use a thermomix? I am wondering about thermomix-adapted primal recipes.

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    I have a thermomix but have only used it to make some almond flour and coconut flour. Both of which were still a bit granular in texture.
    I've only recently gone primal... since about 01 June so have yet to combine TMX and PB.
    Not sure where you are from.. but I believe that there aren't many TMX in the US at the moment.
    Have you looked at ??? There are HEAPS of recipes but most include grains, although there is a section for gluetin free recipes.
    I'd be interested to hear your experience with a Primal TMX !!!


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      I'm in australia too (wa). The best thing in the primal thingy i have found with the TM is being able to mince meat. I can get a 6 kilo piece of rump and cut it into steaks, chunks and some for mincing.
      I know its not really all that primal but the recipe for the flourless almond cake is a beauty. The meatloaf is good too.
      Yes I do read the forum a lot, its great, but I figured I might get some recipes here too. I think the TM might be big here and canada but not so much the US. I don't know what I would do without mine!!