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Perfectionist here, questions about the Primal Cookbook

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  • Perfectionist here, questions about the Primal Cookbook

    Many healthy cookbooks I have found are littered with "healthy" recipes with vegetables and meat, but completely destroy the point of being healthy with salad dressings, chocolates, and other "tasty" dressings to make it more enjoyable.

    I'm looking to order this book, but don't want to have it "almost" primal. I'm a perfectionist. Either 100% primal or nothing at all. Nothing but fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and nuts/seeds. THAT'S IT. If I receive the book and there is butter additions, dairy additions, open meals for those who can't control themselves and want to cheat their body, etc.

    Could someone give me some insight on what this book is like? I'm looking for a way to get out of the general meal of organic chicken breast on a pan while steaming vegetables. Very generic and boring. I'm looking for recipes I can cook for a dinner for other people, and be the guy who makes healthy eating a joy, rather than that guy (who I currently am) who refuses to go out to eat because I have to cook my lame meal at home.

    Thank you.

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    Considering Mark wrote Primal Blueprint, he pretty much defined what "primal" is...and the cookbook is right along those lines. I haven't read every recipe yet (it just arrived yesterday!) but I can think of one that calls for dairy (heavy cream). But, heck, even Mark has said he uses a little sugar in his coffee....But most of the cook book seems to be pretty "strict" primal. There's no grains and I haven't noticed any sweetners yet. I think everything in it looks pretty amazing! Tonight we're having the primal pot roast and swiss chard frittata...can't wait!

    I think you would be happy with the book. It's going to give you a LOT of great, new recipes for your perfectionist approach to primal. I don't eat seafood AT ALL, but it doesn't bother me that there is a seafood section of stuff I'll most likely never make or try (though there are a few that look good enough that I think I just might have a go at).
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      Thanks. I guess I think of Paleo/Primal/Raw in the same category. Whatever you call it, I'm looking for a book that can teach me how to cook/arrange meals with vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, and nuts/seeds only. I hope this book isn't another marketing gimmick as so many others are. I'm not into the whole "diet" thing, no matter what it's called, I just want a diet book that will allow me to get out of the salad for breakfast/lunch/dinner with the same cooked chicken breast for dinner and eggs for breakfast. I hate eating the same thing every day, but will not change it if it's not optimal in nutritional value and from the ground/incredibly healthy.

      I hope this book can do that for me, as I don't want to buy another diet book. Thank you for your help.


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        I haven't bought the book but I'm 99.9% sure there will be dairy in many of the dishes as Mark isn't a dairy-phobe as far as I can tell.
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          The book has a dessert section. The sweeteners that are called out are mostly small amounts of maple syrup. There is never going to be a book that has exactly everything you are looking for. Just as there is no one right answer to how people should eat. The correct nutrition is different for everyone. What I like about Mark is his desire to explore.


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            Ok thanks. The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking to drop from 10% body fat to around 6 or 7%. I can't afford to do it 80% of the time, but need to be 100% raw/healthy. I hope this book does it for me, and isn't another "Paleo book" that talks of paleo and then throws chocolate, cheese, and bread in the mix. I swear to god every book I've gotten that states health has shown me bread, sugar, and sweets.


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              The book is full of delicious Primal recipes. We just got it today and after leafing through it it's even exceeded my expectations. That said, you're never going to find a book that's perfect for you unless you write it yourself. You don't have to make every recipe in the book to make it a worthwhile purchase since there are so many recipes. There are more than enough to set up a great rotation of meals from this book alone. Some of the recipes do have butter, cheese, heavy cream, etc. but Primal doesn't specifically exclude dairy like paleo does either.


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                For heaven's sake! Have you READ Primal Blueprint? Mark espouses the 80/20 rule - forget perfectionism - don't be perfect be the enemy of good. So yeah, there are going to be some things in there that your perfectionist self might not approve of.

                If it has to be perfectly raw/primal, why are you bothering with recipes? How much can you do with rearrangements of raw stuff? Go make a campfire and chuck a bunch of stuff in the coals maybe.

                Why are you eating chicken breast anyhow? Legs or thights are cheaper, tastier and fattier. Much better.

                And do you think our paleo ancestors gave two flying f*cks about their bodyfat percentage?


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                  Helen, what was the reason you started? Probably to lose a few pounds. Why does anyone start a "diet"? I don't believe in the 80/20 rule. That is for people who aren't completely serious about what they are putting into their body. "Oh, it's ok to take crack only 20% of the time, so long as you're usually sober." Sugary foods are drugs.

                  Don't tell me what to do. I've spent my entire life listening to people talk about how they know so much more about me than I do myself. I have weight to maintain because I compete. I'm not in it for the looks or the beach body so many others are here for. More muscle and less fat is what I need (and no it's not for bodybuilding). So if I want to go 100% than that's my choice. I'm not happy unless I'm entirely self-disciplined, so going 80% because I want the occasional piece of cake is bullshit. Man up and don't eat the cake.

                  Fruits and vegetables are subject to fluctuating temperatures. You don't have to boil a vegetable to cook it. Steaming is fine. If I want to steam a platter of vegetables, or perhaps arrange a meal slightly different than the usual raw salad three times a day, I will do so. Why do you think I'm here?

                  As far as the chicken breasts are concerned, I'd prefer not to eat the thighs and legs of a chicken, since the only options I have at the moment are hormone-induced, grain-fed, garbage, and I would rather eat as little toxic fat as possible until I can find an organic seller I would like to continue doing business with.

                  As far as I'm concerned I'm not up for the "cool thing to do", which now seems to mimic our ancient ancestors. I don't follow this lifestyle to fit in and show off to my peers.

                  I do this because I only want the optimum nutrition entering my body, simply because performance demands it. And god forbid I want to have people over (since I refuse to go out and eat the garbage at restaurants), I would like to be able to make them dinner once in a while without having to order pizza while I munch on a salad. Am I allowed to do so under your watchful eye?

                  Next time you have something disrespectful to say keep it to yourself.
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                    I don't really care what you do. It just gets up my nose when people come wading in with a smug holier-than-thou attitude in their first post, and I'll say what I damnwell like.

                    The Primal Blueprint Cookbook isn't a 'marketing gimmick' but, um, lettsseeee... its a cookbook for people who follow the Primal Blueprint eating plan. As mentioned, Mark doesn't espouse perfectionism so why are you expecting to find it and implying that it's a 'gimmick' if it doesn't?


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                      Boy, you're going to do really well around here, I see.
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                        Had you read my posts and are able to read at more than a fifth grade level, then you would know that most other books I have purchased address 'healthy eating' (many paleo books) but then destroy their recipes with sugars, breads, and other flavor-producing 'foods' to make the meal.

                        Since I know Mark addresses the 80/20 rule, I wanted to know if the book was filled with cheat recipes. Asking before you buy is something normal people do to evaluate a potential product. I wouldn't expect you to know that.

                        Actually, my first post wasn't smug, but the one I am addressing to you is. But it's ok, because we all know you're still losing weight Helen. Otherwise you wouldn't have had to gratify yourself on looking down upon another person. It's funny, because typically those we are angry towards, look down upon, or are jealous of are the ones that, subconsciously, we wish we were. Should you be content with your looks, personality, and lifestyle, you would be able to create your own reality and not let that of others influence your emotions and state of mind. Obviously this is not the case.

                        For the record, Leonardotmnt already answered my question, so your input was not needed. Come back from Oz, Helen.


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                          Originally posted by Griff View Post
                          Boy, you're going to do really well around here, I see.
                          This isn't a life struggle for me. I'm not looking for a community to help me through my affairs. I have nothing against you, but your attack on me deserved response. I shall save my character and ignore your insult. Are you able to show such discipline?

                          Not interested in the community. Last post here. Don't get upset, good-bye everyone, and thank you to those that helped


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                            bwahahahahaha. Nice troll, setting up a straw man and attacking it. You know nothing about me.

                            It's a forum, so I'll add my input if I want. This forum is a community. We discuss things.

                            Since you know Mark espouses 80/20, why are you even bothering to ask? I guess your reading comprehension must be that of the fifth grader too.


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                              Originally posted by Samson11 View Post
                              Don't get upset
                              I'll try to control my tears.