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    just a little scoop %uh it's like a powder form on that one I notice that is a little tricky to um you definitely wouldn't be able to mix it and with water with like a spin you have to have a shaker cup and usually you have to do kind of blended them was something else because it tastes a little better but as far as the amino acids guy has very high quality amino acids and there and I really like the results so far um this next branched chain amino acids %uh is the optimum nutrition a mega size Pure Nitrate branched chain amino acids these are the pill form now the thing that I like about these is it's going to be great for traveling am pills are just thought easier to take while you're traveling the thingy didn't like about this a.m. is basically that each serving is only a thousand milligrams a branched-chain amino acids and usually you want to take around five grams um or five thousand milligrams right before your workout during and after your workout I if you want to get the best results so what I do with these is um all just take one at the pills in see so take one other pills here and enough my camera was going to focus on that but you can pull these bills up our so I use this just like the powder um I will usually take 6 are 62 a dove those capsules and breaking apart and makes them and just like how to mix this 1n %uh the only thing with this why notice .
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