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a question about how to use coconut oil

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  • a question about how to use coconut oil

    so its solid, and say a recipe calls for 1/2 cup... do I heat it to melt it so that I can measure it...?.

    Just bought coconut flour and oil today so keen to try a few recipes and things.

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    If the recipe calls for melted oil, then yes, melt the coconut oil. If it calls for, say, a stick of butter or Crisco, just use it from the solid form.


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      If it's not hard as a rock, you can scoop/scrape it into the measuring cup with a spoon like you would with peanut butter.

      The melting point of coconut oil is 75-degrees, which means (at least in my house) that it can turn from solid to liquid during the day, and back to solid at night. Doesn't take much to melt it.


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        thanks, probably seems like it was dumb question but wanted to check.


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          LOL you probably won't have the same problem in summer in sunny NZ. I haven't made a recipe up with it, but it seems soft enough to spoon into a measuring object. Can you post some recipe's when you have had a go?
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