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What's the BEST cookware for eggs?

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  • What's the BEST cookware for eggs?

    I have read about the dangers of Teflon and it makes sense. I don't want any Teflon chemicals releasing it into the air I breathe and especially into my food.

    I would love to have an electric skillet to cook my coconut pancakes and eggs on it. But I have read about stainless steel electric skillet (my first choice) but eggs tend to stick on it very good.

    I just want something that is quick to cook my eggs, not harmful to my health and the eggs won't stick on the cookware. I'm not sure what to do. Help please.

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    I've been using a ceramic coated frying pan. I like it a lot, very slick, very easy to flip my omelet.


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      Stainless steel frying pan, very light coating of bacon fat, coconut oil or butter. Cook at the right temp and nothing sticks, just needs a bit of practice if you are not experienced cooking. As for an electric SS skillet, it sounds like it would work if it gets hot enough and you grease it.


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        Ceramic here too, LOVE it!!!
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          Well seasoned cast iron.

          I cook absolutely everything in cast iron. Best cookware ever, and it'll last damn near forever.


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            I use well- seasoned cast iron.


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              I like the idea of cast iron, but man do I love my ceramic cookware.

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                I'm cooking in non-stick stuff that I guess is teflon but I'm not sure. My wife bought it because the outside of the pans are orange. Blah! They work well, but I'm thinking of stainless steel for things like tomatoes because I've read that the acid in the tomatoes and other foods creates something bad when combined in aluminum. I want to begin canning so I've thought about changing when the time comes. I already have a large stock pot that I can use for sterilizing jars but I'd want something else for actually cooking high acid foods and sauces. That's why I was thinking about stainless. I already have three stainless pots that will serve well and I have two cast iron pans; one is a fry pan and the other is like a dutch oven because it is three or four inches deep but has a rounded lid.

                All that being said, I love the orange Rachel Ray non-stick fry pan for flippin' an omelet. However, I may have to look into the ceramic pan as a replacement to get away from the teflon.
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                  cast iron all the way. if it was good enough for your great grandma, it's good enough for you


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                    This is totally lazy, but I fully admit to doing this on mornings where I am extremely tired and/or running behind:

           Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher: Kitchen & Dining

                    90 seconds later, you've got two poached eggs. And they don't stick to the plastic.

                    No, I don't know of any dangers of eating these microwave eggs, but Nordicware has been producing microwave-safe dishware for several decades so I trust them. I have never tried their omelet maker but who knows?

                    I also know someone that cracks eggs on a ceramic plate and cooks them until they're done, like 45-60 seconds. They come out sunny-side up. There must be an art to it that I don't know about.
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                      Originally posted by kathleen View Post
                      I don't know of any dangers of eating these microwave eggs
                      I used one of those almost every day for a couple years in college and I'm still here...

                      I currently use non-stick mostly, but you need to be careful not to heat it too hot (there's a chemically smell that happens if you do) and toss the pan if you chip, nick, or otherwise damage the nonstick coating.
                      I bought some cast iron, but I'm afraid of seasoning/cleaning it all wrong, so I haven't started using it yet... I also have a stainless skillet, but I don't use it for eggs.


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                        Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
                        cast iron all the way. if it was good enough for your great grandma, it's good enough for you
                        It's funny how 'paleo' kinda means going back 100 years, isn't it?
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                          Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                          It's funny how 'paleo' kinda means going back 100 years, isn't it?
                          Perhaps they knew a thing or two about how to live.

                          as for that microwave thingy...I try to avoid microwaving plastic at all costs. Do a little googling on that one


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                            i bought a greenlife ceramic pan, i reeeeeally really like it

                            everything slides around on it
                            yeah you are

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