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    I got a 7 lb bag of leaf lard at the farmer's market today, but aside from using it to cook vegetables/eggs, I'm kind of at a loss as to what else to use it for. I guess I'd need skin for cracklins... are there any snacky-type things I can make? Any ideas welcome.
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    You can get cracklings from leaf lard actually, if you render the fat in to lard by heating it gently for a few hours you will end up with a pot full of liquid fat with little toasted brown bits on the bottom which are the cracklings... delicious! The majority of what you get will be pure lard though. In addition to cooking with it I've used lard to make mayonnaise, which was pretty tasty. I bet if it was mixed with some bacon grease it would be even tastier...

    You can go here for some good directions on how to render lard, there's a stove top method and an in the oven method.


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      I rendered mine slowly in the crock pot on lowest setting, then strained it thru paper toweling into glass canning jars, lidded 'em up and stuck them in the freezer. I'm finding myself reaching for it quite often as a general purpose cooking fat. It's surprisingly neutral in taste.


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        Hahaha <---- at myself. My first thought was "It's the gold standard for making pastries."


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          Yeah, it makes great pie crust. I just learned to make the best apple pies just before I went primal. The lard was the trick to success. Lard is good for frying just about anything as well. Do you remember when McDonald's fries were fried with lard??? I guess I am showing my age but they were delicious back then.
          I am going to fry up some potatoes in lard after I get to my goal weight and want a treat.