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How does this sound, and would you consider this primal?

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  • How does this sound, and would you consider this primal?

    So, i am a total newbie to this lifestyle, and still reading Mark's book. but I get this on occasion and it is soooo tasty! Please let me know what you all think...

    It's called the Chicken Baja:
    * grilled chicken breast
    * green pepper
    * onion
    * a little mozzarella cheese
    * bbq sauce
    * piece of flatbread

    Well, what do ya think?? thanks!

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    BBQ SAUCE AND FLATBREAD...not primal
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      I think you are starting to think the right way.....

      Toss the flatbread out the window. Check the bbq sauce. I bet it has lots of sugar and carbs. If so toss it too. (try not to hit any one)

      Take the rest of it and put it on top of a big salad and enjoy.


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        Coool, well I completely appreciate the info and help. I think it might need some spices though, and in the cafeteria at work here, not sure what they have. the flat bread, I figured as much, and actually don't eat it. But the BBQ sauce I wasn't sure of, but great to know.

        Thanks again!! I am open to suggestions as to types of seasoning and spices you all like to use. Specifically on something like this.



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          Batty posted this link to a homemade BBQ sauce over on another thread.
          It looks really good! I am going to try it this weekend.


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            Chicken, green pepper, and onion = Primal.

            Cheese = debatable.

            BBQ sauce and flatbread = junk food/processed/NOT Primal.
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              what another poster said.
              put all of that either on top of a bed of salad greens
              inside a full leaf of romaine lettuce, rolled up like a burrito/spring roll
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                I think following the above advise is a great start to your 'newbie' lifestyle changes.
                You already got advise to ditch the bread and sauce.
                Soon you'll decide you don't really need the plant matter...and that chicken will seem all dry and tasteless.
                So you'll then decide what you really want is a grilled, very rare hanger steak 'cause you like the flavor of that kidney suet.
                And you won't be hungry but once a day or so, and all you can think of 'what fat can I eat?' or 'raw oysters and seared liver sounds good!'

                And you won't be a 'newbie' for long....good luck in your Primal journey!

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                  Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. I am going to have a look at that BBQ sauce, and give it a go soon, once I get me new grill :-D And the romaine roll ups sound waaay good. That I can try this week maybe.

                  Awesome info, and thanks again for everyone's input!


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                    Romaine roll-up = a great answer to the sandwich/handheld food craving!

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                      I use

                      Not sure how keen you would be on Propolyne Glycol, Xanthan Gum and Potassium sorbate in minor quantities though