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can I 'fix' my 'broken' bacon mayo???

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  • can I 'fix' my 'broken' bacon mayo???

    I was making bacon mayo and it was emulsifying just fine and getting thick, but my old stick blender wasn't working so great so I scraped it all into my BlendTec (super powered blender) and tried to use that. The amount of mayo was only enough to fill to just below the flat blades so I'm not sure if I:
    a) added the bacon grease too fast in my efforts to bring the total amount up to above the blades
    b) ran the blender too fast (on speed one!) and heated it all up

    it 'broke' and turned into a thin sauce. Can I fix it?? I tried the low tech whisk and tried the stick blender again, but it won't thicken.

    My only idea is to 'start over' with another egg yolk and then add this liquid (and the remaining bacon grease I haven't added yet) slowly...think it'll work?? Any other ideas??

    Unfortunately, I'm out of eggs BUT I might be able to run out and grab some in a little while.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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    I don't know if you can fix it, but you can warm it up and use it as a sauce for steak or veggies. Mayo is very close to hollendaise sauce.


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      The only way I've fixed mayo is with a fresh egg yolk, as you said. Beat the new yolk very well and then slowly add the broken mayo as if it were oil (literally drop by drop in the beginning). I usually make mayo with just a whisk, so it can be done, it just takes a strong arm and a lot of patience (and a good apron if you're messy like me!) The times that I've messed it up have been because I got impatient and added the oil too fast, so now I'm super cautious and do a LOT of whisking until I'm sure it's started to emulsify.


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        thanks! why is it that the low tech way never occurs to me?

        I fixed it with another egg yolk and time in the fridge