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Recipes using cured meats

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  • Recipes using cured meats

    Are there any good recipes out there that involve using cured sausages as the centerpiece? Not interested in soup, and sandwich (gasp, oh noes!) recipes are welcome.

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    For me a sausage is a mini recipe on its own. Since it is already seasoned I just have it fried with some potatoes and eggs. Baking it within something else muddles the flavors for me, but with a not so flavorful sausage I might roast it with cauliflower and some cheese, sour cream & butter to make a mac/cheese like creation.


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      How about chorizo, or better, blood sausage - Black Pudding?

      Chorizo is a perfect partner with white fish or white bird meat.

      Black Pudding is superb with apples. Fry off both in your favourite fat - goose fat, for me.

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        boliche, bigos, pyttipanna, gumbo, jambalaya come to mind

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          I use fresh pork sausage, fried, mixed in with bell peppers, onion, mushroom and tomato sauce as a meal.

          If you replace it with cured sausage like pepperoni it'll probably be just as good. Go for a "pizza" sauce and you'll have pizza-in-a-pot.

          Cured meats in general, lately I've taken to frying up corned beef with some white rice and onion.



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            Thanks, all, for the suggestions.

            I ended up going the cauliflower route since I was trying to get in some veggies as well. I'd love to try some of these other recipes next time, including the European ones mentioned. Not that into pizza sauce, unfortunately, though I've heard it used popularly xD
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            Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog