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  • Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

    This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Wild Idea Buffalo Ranch in SD and meet Dan O'Brien.

    (his book-

    He is doing amazing work restoring native prairie grasses and raising very happy and natural buffalo. I am completely inspired. Their buffalo meat is pricey, but if you can afford it I cannot recommend it highly enough. You will get delicious buffalo meat and you can know that you are also contributing to a better earth

    Order online and find out where they sell their meat here:

    They also recently started a little eco-tourism, so if you are in South Dakota- stop by!

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    I live in Rapid City, and there are more beef ranchers taking this angle as well. Wild Idea is at the next level, but the cattleman (and cattlewomen) are catching on! I just loaded up on some free range/grass fed/"wild" beef organs and bones from