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Help Save my Trail Mix

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  • Help Save my Trail Mix

    I fixed the trail mix according to directions and the honey just made a sticky mess of all those roasted nuts. Any suggestion?

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    sounds like you might need to eat it with a spoon! maybe slow baking low heat, to remove the moisture?


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      It sounds like maybe you added too much honey for the amount of nuts. I don't know the recipe you're referring to, but why add honey at all? You could possibly resolve the problem by adding a lot more nuts, but then you're ruining even more nuts by adding honey to them.

      My suggestion is to put the honey-coated nuts into a hot water bath until all the honey is gone, and then permanently eliminate honey from your diet.


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        If you're referring to the Primal Sweet & Salty Trail Mix recipe Mark posted a couple of months back, I make it all the time but with the following modifications:

        I've cut the honey from 1/4 cu to only one tablespoon (I know, no honey would be better... but it adds to the "sweet" part of the title, and one tablespoon spread over the entire cookie tray doesn't even add a full carb to a serving, but is plenty sweet enough if you're not otherwise indulging in sweet things...) and I've cut the dried fruit in half (I think I even halved it again last batch -- left just enough to keep it interesting but still cut back on the carbs). Once I hit my weight goal, I'm going to take the dried fruit content back to the original recipe, but doubt I'd ever use more honey -- the tablespoon is enough.

        Oh yeah, I've also found (at least in our oven) that I need to toast about 2-3 times longer than the recipe calls for (mixing *very* often!).

        Warning though: even with these reductions, between the coconut oil and the little bit of honey that is in it, it's still plenty sticky! But it also tastes awesome


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          I made this for the first time last night, what I did was blend the nuts up a little finer and replaced the pumpkin seeds with sliced almonds. I did the same thing to the dried fruit, almost paste like. I used the full 1/4 honey and followed baking times exact. I bunched it up tighter and then pressed it all into a 9x9 glass and left it in the fridge over night. This morning I had AMAZING granola bars to enjoy.

          Variation on a theme, very very tasty.


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            Why did you put honey in it? When I make trail mix as a snack for my kid, I just do nuts, dried fruit, and enjoy life chocolate chips. Basic trail mix right there.
            --Trish (Bork)
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