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A few things I have tried!

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  • A few things I have tried!

    Hello all. Just wanted to share a few thing I have tried that turned out pretty good. I am always looking for a new twist on an old fav.

    I appoligize in advance if any of these are repeats.

    I added green olives and pimentos to my tuna salad instead of sweet pickles. (that was hard since it was mom's homemade sweet pickles.....yum.....lots of sugar....yuck)

    Dried dill weed on chicken and pork (light zesty flav.)

    Marinate flank stake in vinigar (about 1/2 c per pound) over night in fridge with sliced onion. The next day, drain (I added butter: to your liking) and cook until done to your taste.

    Olives minced added to cream cheese makes a great dip for veggies. ( it would be good with sour cream too!)

    Anybody have other "little change" ideas? I alway cook and I am running out of quick "little changes" to make <insert meat here> taste different.

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    Hi Nat's Primal, and welcome to our community. :-)

    I would stay away from the cream cheese and sub out some full fat Greek yogurt. Have you checked out Mark's new cookbook yet? If I were you, I'd pick up a copy. Lots of amazing ideas in there. We marinade lots of meat, with garlic, some vinegar, olive or coconut oil, salt, serano pepper, tbsp of raw honey, and of course some sliced ginger. Try to marinade that over will be a new fun taste for you.
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      hey do have Mark's cookbook already??? I ordered mine the first day but it hasnt arrived yet - wondering when it will ship???


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        Yeah i am waiting for it as well. if anyone knows when it is due to arrive please let me know


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          Thanks Nutty, cream cheese does stack up in carbs quickly! I need to order the cook book. I can't wait to try some of the recepies I have seen on this forum!


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            Originally posted by Darthash View Post
            Yeah i am waiting for it as well. if anyone knows when it is due to arrive please let me know
            According to Amazon, it will be released July 15.
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