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Snack mixes (nut-free) that I can make ahead for Christmas?

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  • Snack mixes (nut-free) that I can make ahead for Christmas?

    Pre primal, we would inhale buckets of nuts & bolts snack mix. Soo yummy!
    We are visiting my parents for Christmas, and want to bring our own snack mixes to munch on. Any ideas? It needs to be nut-free, as I am intolerant.
    I'm thinking of making nuts & bolts, but with popcorn and Rice Chex cereal.
    Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
    34yrs old, 5'5"
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    GW: 135lbs or less
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    Does it have to be dry? I'd say that is hard without involving a nut. Would it be that bad to buy some good quality crisps, corn chips (u can buy blue corn chips !) mini poppadums, Indonesian crackers etc as a treat?
    Other than that I would suggest olives, manchego, feta, pickled garlic/onions/gherkins, hard boiled eggs, home made salsa dip, pickled ginger, hummus, carrots/celery/cucumber. They are my snacks of choice but don't think pickled garlic is too popular with the oh haha


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      Try sweet potato chips baked in coconut oil (you find them online) and coconut chips/banana chips in coconut oil (find at tj's)

      If you get a dehydrator you can make your own chips in any oil you want.
      HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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