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Growing Veg during Winter in UK - advice, notes and info

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  • Growing Veg during Winter in UK - advice, notes and info

    Hi there

    I have a place in my garden ready for growing my own veg.

    Thing is I'm very new to this... well totally new actually! Never even grown a planet before! I'm excited by the challenge and going to start reading stuff etc

    But for some initial pointers etc I was wondering if people on here could say what is good veg (maybe easy to start with as well?) to grow in winter months in UK and any little pointers - even if it's to another site etc

    Hopefully this will help serve others as well...

    Thanks in advance
    UK PBer

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    Leeks are good. Kale, sprouts (brussels type!), and apart from growing, it is an excellent time to dig the soil over, add manure, compost etc, and let the frost break the solid down into a nice friable structure for next spring planting.

    ( I love the idea of growing a PLANET too!)


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      I don't know how our winter temperatures compare, but I bought a coldframe for my garden in the fall and have a # of things growing there now: 3 kinds of lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, parsley, kale. Siberian kale would likely grow out in the open w/o the coldframe. It was 18 degrees here last night and I just picked a salad for lunch. If it is very cold where you are, you may have difficulty getting seeds to germinate. Also, if they do, they will grow more slowly than in season. My plants were grown from seed in September and are only now producing plants large enough for picking.
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        Thanks guys

        Well I thought I'd start with the veg and try a planet next ;-)
        UK PBer