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    What are your favorite ways to eat canned tuna?

    I'm looking for simple, cheap, and tasty ways to make a meal that do not involve a casserole dish or eating the fish straight from the can.

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    I usually mix with some ricotta or sour cream with curry powder and scoop with cucumber.
    Omelets and Nicoise salad are always good too.

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      I like Wild Planet tuna with homemade mayo, chopped onions, chopped celery, a bit of chopped carrots or apple (really), and a handful of crushed walnuts all mixed together, along with a sprinkle of black pepper and dill weed. That with a bowl of sweet baby lettuce and sliced cucumbers? Nom!
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        I like mine with carrot slaw, minced peperoncinis, minced onions and dill pickles, and some homemade applesauce. No mayo, I just mix it together and eat it out of the bowl.


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          I put mine in salad. It's also good mashed up with avocado, some lime juice and salt.


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            Mash 1/2 an avocado with juice from 1/2 lime and mix with your tuna. Add 1 green onion and banana peppers according to taste Mmmmmmm, my favorite!


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              I've lost my taste for canned tuna, but occasionally I'll have it with capers, walnuts, pepper, some vinegar or lemon and olive oil if it doesn't come packed in it. It is basically a tuna pasta salad without the pasta. I prefer fresh seared Tuna but most of my family balks at it so almost never have it.


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                Me to gone of canned.
                I only like raw tuna , lean / medium & ohhh yeah fatty :-)

                But if I was having canned ...
                Smashed avocado , red chilli , red onion, lime juice , coriander , basil & maybe some tomatoes or roasted peppers

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                  Mashed with a starch (cooked sweet potato is a favorite), rolled in seasoned almond flour and baked..aka fish sticks

                  Mixed with celery, diced onions, cheese, salt and pepper and baked (basically tuna casserole without the noodles-sprinkle almond flour mixed with butter on top for a bit of crunch. I sometimes use rice noodles if I REALLY need a noodle fix.)

                  Made into one of the many tuna salad variations and eaten with celery sticks or stuffed into a cored tomato or wrapped in a lettuce cup. I especially like the ones that add diced apple or grape halves (I like sweet/savory combinations).

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                    Mayonnaise and kimchi.


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                      I put it on top of a salad, just like salmon. Although I don't really use it too much.
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