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How many grocery stores do you go to?

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    Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
    Grocery outlet for avocados and organic beef, chocolate
    Trader Joe's for wild fish, bacon, eggs, frozen berries, and macadamia nuts, cocoa powder, and plenty more.
    Whole Foods for steak and duck eggs, yogurt
    Sno-isle Co-op for raw dairy, duck eggs, yogurt and a few other odds and ends
    Fred Meyer for some stuff.
    QFC for gelatin, tea sometimes
    Big Lots for canned fish, just read every label!
    That's all I remember right now, there's probably more...
    You forgot the local Ukraine market once a month for coconut milk (and sometimes green tea, dragon fruit, sweet potatoes, or coconut water).


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      Don't go to the big mega supermarkets in UK , can't stand them.

      I go to 1-3 different farmers markets each week, 2 different butchers, 1 fishmonger & 1 Greengrocer & Wholefoods or planet organic for other items such as rice, seasonings & bits n pieces.

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        Market basket and wholefoods, sometimes the local farmers market when I remember.


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          2 stores. Most food is bought at Kroger. We go to Earth Fare mainly for the milk, nuts, water and whatever veggies we want to give to our daughter.

          I go to the local Korean store about once a month for random ingredients that I've run out of or that I'm craving.
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            Kroger and Tom Thumb for most things, but then Sprouts for a few specialty items.


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              Just read that Whole Foods is having a sale tomorrow (Friday) only on grass fed ground beef! $4.99/lb. I know I'll be stocking up!


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                Originally posted by jodi29 View Post
                Just read that Whole Foods is having a sale tomorrow (Friday) only on grass fed ground beef! $4.99/lb. I know I'll be stocking up!
                Really? Got to check that out (if ours is having the same)


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                  Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
                  Major stock up two or three times/month at Sacramento Natural Food Co-op. Sometimes in between.

                  Whole Foods maybe once a month if I am in the neighborhood.

                  Safeway or a local chain a few times/month when I need something quick or want something non-Primal, like real mayonnaise (which I eat some of each week), organic peanut butter spread, liverwurst (if I can't get to WF to buy natural), pork rinds (yes, I know they are Primal but the co-op doesn't carry.), etc.

                  Costco once every two or three months when I go there for household products.

                  Trader Joe's once or twice a month for pastured cheese, cheap wine and whatever else strikes my fancy.
                  Fresh Market opening this month an old Borders store. Very close to my house.
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                    I love fresh market!

                    Thanks so much for the tip on the grass fed beef sale at whole foods. Just picked up several pounds plus a grass fed roast and bacon.


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                      Grass Fed Beef - from the farmer a few times a year
                      Quality Chickens and Pork - From the Butcher
                      Free Range Eggs - from my friend or the grocery store
                      Everything else - Our supermarkets carry a fair amount of good organic, etc.

                      I have found that Fresh Market and Whole Foods are too expensive - I feel like I'm buying food in a gift shop, and I can get most of the same items at the grocery store. I have found Trader Joes to be just about useless except for bulk nuts. At least the one in our town is small and carries mostly packaged, prepared foods.
                      We don't have a decent Farmer's Market - they are more expensive than the grocery stores????? We do have some good local farm stands, though, and I frequent them during their open season.


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                        I mostly shop at (in order of how often/quantity of food):
                        Santa Cruz Market - local
                        Lazy Acres - local but real ownership is a chain grocery
                        Isla Vista Food Coop - local, used to be a lifetime member, guess a lifetime doesn't last that long
                        Trader Joe's - chain
                        Indo China Market - local
                        Ralphs - chain
                        Whole Foods - chain
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                          I go almost exclusively to Trader Joe's. Head to Whole Foods occasionally for specialty things that TJ's doesn't have, like my kelp sea salt, nori sheets, and kombucha. The Tempe Farmers market by ASU has some cool local beef and eggs, I should probably start going there as well. I only go to "normal" chain grocery stores like Fry's and Bashas if I'm buying liquor or I'm really broke and needs lots of canned tuna or something (a situation that looks like it'll be in my near future, unfortunately).
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                            i only shop at 2 places, a locally owned store for the meat and walmart (yes i know, shut up) for the plant matter and condiment variety
                            yeah you are

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                              Just Trader Joe's for those prices and other stuff I try to buy from farmers. Fuck most chain stores, everyone needs to boycott them.

                              Eventually I'm going to have a giant garden for myself with some cows.
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                                I go to 3 different stores, and the farmers market.

                                Whole Foods
                                and this little open air market here called The Milk Pail Market. It has the cheapest produce EVER! Jalapenos for .5 cents! I'm not joking!